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New DLC Confirmed for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Details on Adapting One of the Most Loved Arches from the Original Anime

Dragon Ball Z: Apart is still giving much to talk about.

While the base game allows us to revive the beloved anime, the DLC of this title has expanded to the events of Dragon Ball Super and even Spin-off starring Trunks and Burdock.
Now, it is time for all players to return to the past and relive the 23 martial arts tournament.


Originally announced through a teaser at the beginning of the year, Banzai NAMC has finally revealed the following DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Apart, known as chaos at the world tournament, content that will allow us to relive the fighting we saw at the end of the original anime
of Dragon Ball.
From Roku vs Milk, going through a second match against Ten Shin Han, to the final fight against Piccolo.
Unfortunately, for the moment there is no exact launch date for this content, and it is unknown if this will be the last DLC, or Banzai NAMC plans to give more support to Dragon Ball Z: Apart in the future.
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Via: Banzai NAMC