5TFT Set 8.5: Master the Multiverse Composition with Tips on Favorites, Positioning, and Glitch in the Matrix

He came the time of Glitch in the matrix, the set 8.5 of Team fight Tactics.
And who says Mini Set says new champions, synergies, and mechanics.
This time no big unit which takes two places, but a heroic increase for one of your champions.
Which will necessarily increase the possibilities.
Do not panic nevertheless, we have prepared for you guides to easily take control of compos.
And here is that of the multiverse composition (Infinite am in VO) for TFT set 8.5.
What are the champions to recover as a priority?
What objects coveted in the carousel?
Who are your Carry’s?
All the information you need to play the composition well in the following lines.
Last update: 03/22/2023, patch 13.6

Information on the multive composition of TFT set 8.5

Positioning of champions on the set

When to go on the multi-time composition?

Two axes are important for this composition: objects for your two Carry’s, and a little luck to quickly find Real Ultimate.

A spatula to create a multi-aid emblem is an excellent bonus, but not essential.



At the start of the fight, Simple which champion placed on a multi-voting portal invokes an alternative version of himself with different objects, 1 for each hex tech increase.

Copies have PVS and reduced damage.

(3) 1 portal, 40% PV and damage
(5) 2 portals, 55% PV and damage
(7) 2 portals, 90% PV and damage


All the allies gain tear, the defenders earn more.

(2) +30 armor, +60 for defenders
(4) +80 armor, +160 for defenders
(6) +200 armor, +400 for defenders

Sure shot

Every 4 seconds, the Sure shot gain bonus for the rest of the fight.

(2) +6% AD
(3) +10% AD
(4) +16% AD
(5) +22% AD

Sorry launcher

Every 5 seconds, the spell launchers replace their next attack with a magic orb sent to a random target, inflicting 50% of their magic damage.

Specters have Lap Bonus.

(2) +25 AP
(4) +60 AP
(6) +95 AP
(8) +140 AP;
Lobe inflicts 150% LAP


Real and its ultimate version are strengthening.

The Cereal fate becomes an explosion that affects all enemies online.

The Cereal Ultimate spell invokes two additional copies.


After 2 projectiles launched by a skill and inflicting damage, the pastorates launch an additional projectile which inflicts bonus damage.

(2) + 60% damage
(3) + 100% damage
(4) + 140% damage

start of game

Priority objects

How to play the composition?

• You can put in which champion in a multi-time portal.
But inevitably, we will want to reinforce strong units.
So Shen/Garden for those in the first lines, and Twisted Fate/Real Ultimate for the rear lines.
• If you don’t have a multi-long emblem, you unlock a place in Require.
So replace Pantheon by Simpler which a strong unit passing by, obviously starting with Fiddlesticks or Argot.
• Life here is abuse of double real, for more import what.


If you can’t find the ultimate version, abandon both and rotate the composition a little.
Samira will for example make a very good substitution carry.