LOL: Honor League Tiebreaker – Rebirth Ends with Stars and Skulls in the Table

After a few weeks when we saw very interesting confrontations within the Honor League to show an interesting level of the teams with which we could see several draws in the past weeks, now we have a date where the equal markers of the squads inside are finished inside this tournament to define in a better way as the table is.


Starting with a confrontation between Furious Gaming against New stars, being the squad of the skull
In bad position to the opposites and leaving them out of play to be able to take the victory.

The second game places New stars against Rebirth with a very aggressive strategy from the RENATER team that plays with a Ayah in the hands of Egotistic to punish the rivals on several occasions leaving them in poor condition to respond in combat, the power of the
Stars begins to decline in combat due to the strength of the Rebirth team that achieves victory.
In the last game of tiebreaker Furious faces Rebirth with a duel that started tilting towards the Re-team that shows a sedan for Mario that manages to be very effective in ambush to be able to give a great advantage to his teammates who manage to climb
In a very good way, after 30 minutes the game ends on the Rebirth side that gives a strong blow to the skull.
Very interesting results because the rebirth squad shows a great aggressive style that overlaps the rivals to position themselves above the skull and stars, after three games only the RENATER squad could leave victorious to be the team that goes up
In the table, it will now be to wait for the next day for the other clashes that are coming.