FNAF: Help Wanted – Gallery & Descriptions of All Characters from Five Nights at Freddys

If Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Ted was familiar to you, it is because he is considering that he presents a handful of mini-games of other FNaF titles such as Vent Repair and some new ones like Dark Rooms.
Regardless of the game mode you choose, many members of the Freddy gang will be thirsty for blood.
Let’s take a look at all FNaF Help Wanted characters you will find

Freddy Fanfare

Image via Steel Wool Studios
The animatronic that infuses fear in every FNaF fan: Freddy Fanfare.
It will not be long after you start FNaF: Help Wanted that Freddy will appear.
You will know that it is close, or at least in the kitchen, when you listen to your iconic Jingle.
Depending on the game mode you choose, Freddy will appear as its nightmare form.


Image via Steel Wool Studios
The blue bear, the Rock-N-Roll animatronic: Bonnie.
It will appear on the same nights as Freddy Fanfare.
To be honest, Bonnie is not so difficult to defend himself;
It’s about time.
Keep your eyes at the left entrance and call it when you approach, and you will be fine.


Image via Steel Wool Studios
Together with Freddy and Bonnie, girl The Chicken will also be stalking the halls to try to enter the office.
However, just like Bonnie, the Chicken girl is not difficult to keep away.
She will appear in front of Bonnie, so close the right door when you see her trying to sneak away.

Foxy El Zorro Pirate

Image via Scott games
Another Freddy’s entourage is Foxy, whom you may recognize Five Night At Freddy’s: Sister Location.
Like several of the animatronics, they will show their spooky endoesqueleto if you run into them in the dark rooms, so keep the distance.

Spring trap

Image via Steel Wool Studios
Spring trap is easily recognizable by the missing pieces and its big smile full of teeth.
Unlike the other creepy animatronics, Spring trap is not so easy to keep away.
You will have to make fun of him attracting him with the sound of a child’s voice, as well as sealing all the right ventilation grilles so that he cannot use them to reach you.

The destroying

Image via Steel Wool Studios
Did you think you had ended with Runtime Foxy?
He returns when you are repairing ventilation grilles, only this time they are more than Foxy, but a combination of animatronic parts.
When you are face to face with the mangrove, look directly in the eye to keep it at bay.

Freddy fun time

Image via Steel Wool Studios
Runtime Foxy is not the only animatronic that you will see in the dark rooms;
Runtime Freddy will try to intimidate you showing himself outdoors, acting as a statue.


Worse, you will contact their strange Bonnet and Bonbon puppets.

Circus baby

Image via Steel Wool Studios
Do you know who more will you find in the dark rooms?
Circus baby.
Like Runtime Foxy, it will pretend to be a statue, so don’t be fooled and keep the distance.
When you meet her during Night Tenors, you will have to hide in the cabinets to avoid your attack.
In the future, poor Circus Baby becomes Scrap Baby at Freddy Fanfares Pizzeria Simulator.

The puppet

Image via Steel Wool Studios
What could be said that it is one of the most frightening animatronics in FNaF: Help Wanted is the oily and black puppet or, in its worst form, like Nightmarionne.
Moving for Marionette is just a matter of micronation of your music box.
However, as Nightmarionne, you must juggle to close two doors and use your flashlight to defend yourself from the tentacles when it is close.


Image via Steel Wool Studios
In FNaF: Help Wanted, Glitch trap is the most enigmatic animatronic of the entire game, but it is certainly your worst enemy.

There are no spoilers here, but keep in mind that as you learn more about Glitch trap, you will quietly approach you.
Keep your eyes wide open and those doors closed.
Well, that is the whole scary cast-all the characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, his photos and descriptions.
Many are definitely nightmare fuel, such as Nightmarionne, which is an appropriate name.
If you are looking for more FNaF content, here we show you how to play the games in chronological order.
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