Destiny 2: Lightfall Expansion – How to Kill Torturers and Get New Loot Rewards

The long-awaited Nightfall expansion of Destiny 2 finally launched and not only increases the maximum level limit, adds new missions and adds a lot of loot to fight, but also adds a handful of new enemies to defeat.
One of these new incorporation are the tormented and can be quite difficult to tear down.
So, for those who want some tips, here is how to easily kill the tormented in Destiny 2. Let’s enter it!

How to easily defeat torturers in Destiny 2

The first thing is the first, it may sound obvious, but focusing mainly on bright yellow spots on the body’s body parts is a safe way to exhaust the HP of this enemy, since hitting this monstrosity else will do little or no
In fact, you will have to break your yellow shield before it can cause significant damage.
Initially, his left and right shoulders will shine and then, after a certain amount of damage, his chest will begin to shine.
These points are where you want to concentrate the firepower of your squad.
Another important advice is to keep your tormentors distance, since they have a grip attack that can kill you with a single blow or weaken you severely with their dark harvest ability that exhausts most of their health.


That said, when a tormentor grabs a member of his team, he will block in an animation that gives his team enough time to focus his attacks on the bright points mentioned above in the tormented’s armor.
Next, we would also maintain a close surveillance on the tormentor.
Earth and pound attack that can be deadly.
If you see a tormentor jumping in the air, be sure to perform evasive maneuvers by jumping at a safe distance.
Otherwise, it will crush you and this ability can be devastating.
In addition, it is worth noting that freezing tormenting stasis is quite effective to give guardians an opportunity.
And finally, they are also easily overcome by the finalists, so it is attentive to that finishing indicator and is not afraid to approach and get rid of them.
So what do you know?: That is all you need to know how to easily kill the dormers in Destiny 2. To get more information, here it is explained how to get Cloud Acre. And Strand Fragments.
Or, if you prefer, feel free to navigate the links below.

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