Nexon Labor Union Chair Warns Against Government Working Hours Flexibility Policy – Stomach Not Neutralized With Rotten Meat & First-Class Korean Beef

The federal government prepares to submit an amendment to related laws, consisting of the Labor Standards Act, which will be the Labor Requirement Act in June-July, after 40 days of legal notice duration from today to 17th of next month.

He claimed, The existing functioning hours’ system has restricted the option of working hours for firms and also employees, as well as has not been able to record the needs of labor and also monitoring that are branched out and also advanced.

The federal government defined the reform of the working hours’ system on the 6th.
The essential point is to increase overtime devices from ‘week’ to ‘month’, ‘quarter’, ‘semi-annual’ and also ‘kite’.
Video game trade unions revealed major concern concerning the policy.

I have been in the video game market for a long period of time as well as have actually seen a lot of health problems or severe selection as a result of overwork, psychological as well as physical starvation, he said.
It becomes.

The federal government’s labor policy will certainly be advertised under four concepts: △ expanding working hours options, strengthening the protection of employees’ wellness, △ guaranteeing remainder via trip, △ adaptable working approaches.
As the federal government broadens working hrs, added choices will certainly be offered to operate overtime service Mon, quarter, semi-annual, and yearly units.
In order to shield workers’ health and wellness as well as reduce the moment, the overall amount of overtime work is lowered symmetrical to the system duration.

The Ministry of Employment and also Labor (Minister Lee Jong-il) confirmed and announced a plan to reform the functioning time system at the Emergency Economic Ministers’ Fulfilling on the 6th.
Priest Lee Jong-il stated, The functioning hrs’ system of our nation has been operated the main level of policy by thinking the manufacturing facility production method.
The method has not changed.

‘ As an outcome of the intro of a 52-hour week in 3 years without thinking about the industrial site conditions, several firms abuse the so-called extensive wage of wage on the bossy boundaries of outrage and also legal, creating lasting work and free night work by abuse
We are likewise doing it, he stated.

In brief, if this is passed in the National Setting up, it will certainly be an extension of the vicious circle, stated CIA Sang-jun, chairman of the SG Factor, SG Factor.
I don’t believe it will.

Nixon Organized Labor Starting Point Chairman stated, The stomach is not counteracted due to rotten meat and top-notch Oriental beef. It passes away with food poisoning.


It is described that there is a higher damage to workers as a result of enhanced working hrs than the advantages of employees from relaxing time.

In government plans, video game organized labor revealed significant concern.
The website can be different from the federal government assumptions.

BAE claimed, It is not a Arrival to function when the business desires as well as make it rest when the firm desires. That’s a problem.

Chairman CIA claimed, I do not know if there is a union, however if there is no union, it is an inquiry of whether settlements are essentially feasible for individuals, health and wellness civil liberties, as well as rest rights.
I do not alter the atmosphere with workers in close talks, but I assume it’s evident also if you do not see the results of autonomy between labor as well as management just by altering via the independent push of the company.