Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Unlock the Power of Statistics and Numbers for a Heartfelt Adventure

To Long: Fallen Dynasty is full of stats and also numbers in a common heart-like manner.
Unlike a lot of various other names similar to the spirits, Will certainly Long assure to stun you with statistics from the very beginning.
Understanding the performance of each of them is of paramount relevance for your success.
We have examined and also can give you a tiny guide regarding what every data on your status page do.
Here are all the primary features of To Long: Fall Dynasty as well as their meaning.

All qualities in To Long Fallen Dynasty and also exactly how they function

The stats indicated on the standing page determines the overall power of your character in To Long: Fallen Dynasty.
Your primary data are called merit, as well as each of them has its very own set of large-scale effects based upon the distribution of abilities:
Wood-increases your optimum wellness and variety of tired extent of the spirit throughout assault
Fire-increases the number of a range of the spirit received from the strike, and also decreases the usage of skills.


When the strikes are reflected, Earth-increase the maximum weight of the devices and also the quantity of the range of the spirit gotten.
When using spells, Metal-increases the period of maintaining a large amount of the range of the spirit as well as minimizes the usage of the scope of the spirit.
Water-increases the time needed for opponents to see you, and influences the scale of the spirit invested in the reflection of attacks.

These six standard attributes straight influence statistics found under your battle capabilities on the standing web page.
Relying on your tools, these features can have different impacts.
Close-by tools 1 strike force-this is the assault of your first equipped tools of close combat.
This indicator is based on scaling tools.
If you invest in the virtue of fire and also use tools with fire as the main scalar, this feature will represent this.
The force of attack of the near-battle weapons 2-this is similar to the previous one, just for your second complete weapons of close battle.
The pressure of assaulting a long-range weapon is an assault by your long-range weapons.
Unlike near-fight weapons, both of the farthest weapons have the very same characteristic.
The scaling, however, coincides as with the tool of near-battle.
When the enemy is struck, Protection-this affects how much health and wellness is shed.
This sign mostly depends upon your shield.
Physical resistance-like protection, just this characteristic lowers the damages obtained by physical attacks by the specified percentage.
Spiritual defense-this indicator influences just how much your scope of spirit is tired during the strike.
Spirit stability-this sign is a duration during which a high extent of spirit can be preserved.
The period of the spell-increases the duration of favorable aficionados and the applied standing results at the defined percentage.
Stealth-increases the damages of Deadly Strikes over forgetful opponents and lowers the probability that they will certainly see you.
Luck-increases the possibilities of discovering an uncommon, a lot more effective prey from all sources.
The rate of getting the spirit section of data describes how the assault and also protection influence your spirit ranges:
Attack-increases the number of a range of the spirit received throughout the strike of adversaries.
Reject-increases the quantity of the range of the spirit gotten when the opponent assaults are reflected.
The speed of consumption of spirit area describes just how much your scope is made use of in performing numerous actions:
Martial arts-represents the amount of the extent of the spirit needed for the implementation of tools abilities.
A smaller sized percentage indicates that the abilities of having tools are much less.
Magic spells-represents the amount of the extent of the spirit necessary for the execution of spells.
As in the instance of fighting styles, a lower percentage suggests reduced expense.
Reject-represents the quantity of Spirit Gauge, required for successful reflection of strikes.
Devices weight section devoted to just how devices affects your typical capability to act as well as relocate:
Max-represents a weight that you can wear prior to the movement becomes hard.
Share-represents the total weight of tools symmetrical to your max.
The smaller sized this number, the faster and a lot more quarrel you.
Slever-represents your actual dexterity.
Depending upon your max.
And also the percentage, this indication can differ considerably.
The higher the letter class, the less complicated it is to reflect and the less using the tools abilities of Spirit Scale is worth.
Elementary capabilities in the area are stats that impact how much damage and buildup of condition you can apply utilizing an element, along with how much you can resist the standing and also the aspect impact connected with it:

Descriptions of the Sword symbol:

  • Wood-how many damages and condition you apply with lightning assaults
  • Fire-how much damage and standing do you use with fiery strikes
  • Earth-how much damage as well as condition do you apply rock strikes
  • Metal-how many damages and also condition you apply poisonous strikes
  • Water-how much damage and status you use with ice strikes

The attributes of the shield icon:

  • Wood-how much damage as well as status you stand up to lightning attacks
  • Fire-how much damage and also status do you resist fire assaults
  • Earth-what damage and status do you withstand from rock strikes
  • Metal-how much damage and also condition you stand up to the assaults of toxic substances
  • Water-how much damage as well as standing you withstand icy strikes
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