Unlock All 25th Anniversary Trophies in Gran Turismo 7

Grandma Tourism 7 is the last video game in the long-playing Grandma Tourism collection from PlayStation.
The 25th anniversary of the series brings a brand-new release loaded with trophies for hunters.
In the tail end of the Grandmother Tourism franchise business there are 54 distinct prizes that users can open up.
We listed all the trophies located in Gran Tourism 7, in addition to their rank as well as the official description given by the PlayStation.

All trophies Grandma Tourism 7

  1. Live your vehicle life (bronze).
  2. Launched the first food selection.
  3. Automobile background trainee (bronze).
  4. The initial cars and truck collection menu has been finished.
  5. Motion up (bronze).
  6. Climbed 5 or even more placements in one circle.
  7. Pure racer (bronze).
  8. Full the race without going from the highway and without collisions.
  9. Made use of (bronze).
  10. Won the race with a margin of 0.5 secs or fewer.
  11. On the town mile (bronze).
  12. Won with a margin of 10 secs or more in the race of at the very least two circles.
  13. Help is not called for!

  • Total the race without any kind of aid settings.
  • New caterpillars (bronze).
  • I made a pit sop during the race as well as transformed the tires.
  • The very first step to skill (bronze).
  • Passed the track (all industries) in Circuit Experience.
  • Chain student (bronze).
  • Five tracks (all markets) have actually been completed in Circuit Experience.
  • Master of the chain (silver).
  • 15 tracks (all fields) in Circuit Experience have actually been passed.
  • Prepared in 60 secs (bronze).
  • I drove a circle along the Tsubasa highway in much less than a minute.
  • Formula-first prosecutor (bronze).
  • Drove a formula cars and truck.
  • Platform (bronze).
  • Finished on the bridge 10 times.
  • Rainfall (bronze).
  • Obtained a license for the rain.
  • Entirely certified (bronze).
  • Earned all licenses.
  • Hard job repays (gold).
  • Earned gold in all licenses.
  • All-Cruculum (bronze).
  • Won races on 10 different tracks.
  • Dig dirt (bronze).
  • Won 10 racing on dirt roads.
  • Load it (bronze).
  • He made a pit-stop throughout a race with gas consumption as well as put the storage tank.
  • Running from scrape (bronze).
  • The fuel finished in the race, which utilized fuel usage.
  • Looks excellent!
  • Bought and also mounted aerodynamic details.
  • Tighten up (bronze).
  • Boosted automobile firmness of the automobile by 10 times.
  • Crystal pure (bronze).
  • The auto washed 10 times.
  • Warning: broad load!
  • Ideal for a wide body.
  • Taste of tuning (bronze).
  • Bought and also geared up with adjusting information.
  • A little rise (bronze).
  • I bought a supercharger or a turbo 10 times.
  • The launching of the sports regimen (bronze).
  • Ended up the race in sporting activities’ mode.
  • B-the margin of depth (bronze).
  • Finished 50 races in sporting activities setting.
  • Clinking-hungry (bronze).
  • Made 100 photos in Escapes or Race Photos.
  • Keepsake with Nürburgring (bronze).
  • Photographed Escapes BMW Gr.3 on Nürburgring.
  • Souvenirs from Le-Man (bronze).
  • Photographed Escapes Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sporting Activity Team Jest) on the Circuit de La Sarthe highway.
  • Heavy transport (bronze).
  • Acquired a pickup.
  • Allow it end up being carbon-neutral!
  • Purchased an electric cars and truck.
  • Security firstly (bronze).
  • I bought a safety maker.
  • Life with a legend (bronze).
  • I acquired an automobile in the Legend Cars auto dealership.
  • Willie good amusement (bronze).
  • Acquired 10 vehicles.
  • Corporate preferred (bronze).
  • I got the very same automobile 10 times.
  • Smoke (bronze).
  • Made 10,000 points in the drift tops.
  • Join the club 200 miles per hr (bronze).


  • Gotten to a speed of 200 miles per hr (322 km).
  • Speed devil (bronze).
  • Reached a speed of 500 km/h (311 miles/h).
  • Speed Archean (silver).
  • Gotten to a rate of 600 km/h (373 miles per hour).
  • Strike for a while (bronze).
  • Took part in 100 races for some time.
  • Over as well as over (bronze).
  • Drove 500 miles (804.672 km) along oblong routes.
  • At a range: Angeles Cross Highway (bronze).
  • Drove along the Angeles Cross (USA): 66 miles (106 kilometers).
  • At a range: 24 hours Le-Man (bronze).
  • Drove one complete race 24-hour of Le Mans: 2209.536 km (1372,942 miles).
  • At a range: course 66 (bronze).
  • Drove along the freeway 66 (USA): 2451 miles (3945 kilometers).
  • Getting over the distance with each other: Atlantic Ocean (Bronze).
  • Taking a trip with various other players on the network, you conquered the distance traveled by the first non-stop transatlantic flight in history: 5810 km (3610 miles).
  • Getting rid of the distance with each other: Autobahn (silver).
  • Managing with various other players online, you got rid of the distance passed by the whole German network of autobahns: 13 191 km (8197 miles).
  • Electric motor mania (bronze).
  • Conserve 50 cars in your garage.
  • There is no auto, no life!
  • Conserve 100 vehicles in your garage.
  • Three fabulous vehicles (silver).
  • Buy three epic racing cars that were when destined to win 24-hour races.
  • Ending (gold).
  • Corresponding demands are fulfilled.
  • Latin trophy Gran Tourism (Platinum).
  • You got all the trophies of Grandmother Tourism 7!

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