Rumor: Elden Ring Will Only Have DLC After the Release of Armored Core 6 – FromSoftware Studios Major Projects In Progress

It is reported that FROMSOFTWARE plans to launch its game between September as well as October 2023. Armored Core 6: Discharges of Rubicon was introduced last year at The Game Awards, officially arranged for 2023. As it is already March, as well as has actually not yet been

Elden Ring’s DLC Darkness of the Eritrea has lastly been defined with a tweet and also rumors fed by secret interior resources are already beginning to arise.
One of the first originates from Enter and also Ext ass.
In the lack of really reliable sources, information seems a minimum of meaningful.
They give a concept of the plans that the FromSoftware workshop and also Banzai NAMC can have for extension as well as Armored Core 6.

A release date for Armored Core 6?

It is reported that FROMSOFTWARE strategies to introduce its game between September and also October 2023. Armored Core 6: Discharges of Rubicon was announced in 2015 at The Video game Awards, formally arranged for 2023. As it is already March, and also has not yet been
No news about this, a go for the end of the year is likely.


Just for the document, it is an action-like game that offers the flying of a third-person fight robot in a post-apocalyptic cosmos.
The customization of the Mecca as well as its weaponry, in order to play in its own way, and to accomplish the goals of each objective, are at the center of the gameplay.
The last episode of the Armored Core Data 2012 franchise, and also the players are curious to find out if the studio has actually grown, as well as is able to launch an excellent video game in a various category from Spirits.

Darkness of the Eritrea After Armored Core 6?

Just over a year after the release of Elden Ring, the DLC was lastly made official.
The birthday live a few days back did not even mention it, and we really did not even obtain a trailer with the ad.
The ad offers a little the impression of serving simply to relax the players.
It is reported that FromSofware means to launch this expansion only after Armored Core 6.
If the report is real, it means that Shadow of the Eritrea ought to not be anticipated before completion of 2023, in between November and December.

A 2024 release can not be discarded either.