Page Title: Unlock the Pavlov Complex Door Code in Atomic Heart to End the Pospocalyptic Robot Uprising

While trying to end a apocalyptic robots lifting in Atomic Heart, you will find many closed doors that block the way.
Some take you to your next goal and others lead you to chests of valuable treasures.
If you have arrived here, you are probably hunting what the Pavlov complex door code is in Atomic Heart.
So, with that in mind, let’s get to work.


What is the Pavlov complex door code in Atomic Heart?

To access the Pavlov complex blocked door, you will need the right door code.
How to open locks in Atomic Heart is divided into four different types, this specific lock against you is a light lock, which means you will need to light four specific capacitors to unlock the door.
To unlock the Pavlov complex door, you must turn on the following oven capacitors:
Image source: Sunfish through
Fortunately, you do not need to press the four capacitors above in a specific order.
Whenever all these have been pressed, the door of the Pavlov complex will open.

What’s behind the Pavlov complex door?

In a nutshell: there is a lot of booty behind the closed door of the Pavlov complex.
In fact, there are four chests that contain a lot of ammunition and craft resources that will help you on your trip at Atomic Heart.
So, that concludes things for now.

We hope this has helped respond to your consultation on how to open the door of the Pavlov complex in atomic heart.
To get more information, here it is explained how to use a cartridge in the game.
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