How to Collect a Tent and Set up a Base of Operations in Sons of the Forest

As in many games based on survival, a base of operations where you can get the rest you need so much is one of the most crucial parts of Sons of the Forest.
But, if you are here, you are probably wondering how this is done and what is required to do it.
However, do not worry, since we are here to help you with this guide on how to collect a tent in Sons of the Forest.

How is a tent at Sons of the Forest collected?

Players can pick up their store in Sons of the Forest by hitting the sticks with their ax to deconstruct and press and to grab their canvas.
You can find the necessary tool to do it by opening your emergency package by pressing key I in your inventory and equipping it with the left mouse button.
Then, you can press the left click button again in one of the sticks to disassemble the store and collect the canvas.
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If this action does not work for you, you may have the structured damage in the game configuration, which can prevent the store from being deactivated.
Therefore, players must activate it to activate this game mechanics.


You can also jump on the store to quickly dismantle it and collect the object.
Once you grab the canvas and sticks, you can create another in a new area whenever there is enough space to build your new operations base.

How to collect canvas in Sons of the Forest

When your canvas is thrown on the floor in Sons of the Forest, you can keep C near it to grab the object.
However, if there is an element on top, you must eliminate it for this interaction to work.
In addition, players can build other types of shelters, such as a hunting shelter and a small trunk cabin, once they collect enough wood and rock materials.
That is all you need to know how to collect a tent in Sons of the Forest.
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