Experience Double Class System with ULU Games New Mobile MMORPG Gumgang W

FLU Games’ new mobile MMORPG ‘Gum gang W’ is expected to be released.
‘Gum gang W’ is a game with a double class MMORPG.
As you can see from the expression ‘double class’, ‘Gum gang W’ is not one of the jobs that users can choose.

There are new swords, three chapters, and wave troops, and Huron, Young, and Nine-Miho exists as a ranged occupation.
It is tied to the same short range, long distances, but there is a difference between them.


If the new sword and Huron are pure dealers, other jobs can be said to be a secondary or supporter.
As each has a different feature, it is possible for users to create their own classes by combining their jobs.

‘Gum gang W’ selected King Taboo and Not Hong-cheol as a promotional model before the official launch, and released their TV CF video.

Based on the attractive fantasy worldview, let’s look at the charms of ‘Gum gang W’, which prepared everything from character, content and fun to ‘double’.

■ Freedom Customization

Like the latest mobile MMORPG, ‘Gum gang W’ also supports a wide range of customization.
This allows users to decorate their characters with their appearance.
There is no limit to the contour of each part of the face, from hair, eyes, nose, mouth, makeup, and costumes.

The part to be noticed here is that it does not stop selecting some forms provided in the default state.
As an example, the user can be freely adjusted from the contraction and extension, as well as the adjustment of the position to the bend, thickness, and length.

■ Attractive fantasy worldview and 6 classes

After completing the character customization, the main quest containing a solid story begins, and you can easily proceed with the entire process by pressing the mission tab on the top left of the screen.
There is.


The stage of ‘Gum gang W’ is a magical continent called ‘green’.
Here, humans lived peacefully with war souls.
In the meantime, the wicked clan of the ghost spirit is trying to break the seal and solve the chaos with the power to destroy the world for their own benefit.

It is a ‘green’ continent that tries to fall into extreme trouble in the crisis of chaos, but a hero appears in the moment of crisis.
The mysterious fox girl Sufi steals ‘Chile’, a key to breaking the seal, and it is in danger of being chased by the wicked clan.
To avoid tracking, Sultry is on a long fleece…

6 classes

There are six different classes in ‘Gum gang W’.
The shape of the status composed of attacks, defense, range, range, control, and agility, which are specialized in short-range attacks, short-range explosives, short-range control breakers, ranged attacks, remote explosions, but also attack, defense, range, range, control, and agility.
It is characterized by a certain difference.

It is a job that boasts explosive short-range damage with a hand sword, and it is also a good job for users who are pursuing difficulty operating because of the relatively high difficulty of manipulation.

Samoan, who became a new mile, is a job that can be converted into deity /hemp through the skills during the battle and boasts an explosive damage instantaneously.

He is good at short-range control and has a strong survival ability.
Skill combos can deal high damage and have a relatively high difficulty.

It is a job that can play a key role in party play with a long-range attack and strict damage.

It is the best ranged healer with an umbrella as a weapon, and it is an essential job in party play by having a range of recovery, certain overpowering and survival skills.

It is a gorgeous skill that can be attacked freely between enemies and boasts agility and explosive damage.

■ At the same time, the fun of adventure and collection, spiritual content

Spirit system

The Spirit, which will be against the tough fantasy world, is as important as the character as it can overturn the battle of the battle with the buff effect of the spirit even if the main character’s combat power is low.
The spirit can be obtained by the summoning of the spirit, and can increase the combat power by promotion and skill acquisition.
The spirit can participate in three simultaneously, and hundreds of spirit combinations can make up your own best lineup.

Equipment system

Equipment reinforcement can be carried out using the reinforcement core.
When the strengthening level of all the equipment in which you are mounted reaches a certain stage, you can activate the reinforced core. The conditions for enhancing the reinforcement core are several steps, and you can touch the all parts icons to check the detailed conditions.

Equipment Evolution: Touch the [Evolution] button to proceed with equipment evolution.
If you succeed in evolving equipment, you will be randomly acquired one of the unprecedented soul options.
If you obtain a specific soul option, you will get a star grade.

Equipment: You can check the ingredients you need for the reunion and touch the [Consumption] button to proceed.

Equipment Zone: You can check the [Equipment] information to be used as a synthetic material.
Only the same series of equipment as [current equipment] can be synthesized.

Various content

The user is a world quiz that allows users to match problems in the game and acquires a large amount of experience and treasure maps, the more participants, the more they can earn more reputation, the more reputation, the four-member party, and the strongest in Dalian.
Various contents are available, including the martial arts peaks and the full server large PVP fate.

■ Challenge content that stimulates various dungeons and desire

Dungeons are largely divided into GVG Dungeon, the land of the Mayo, the Personal Boss, the Tower of the Mini, the Hills of Trials, the World Boss Dungeon with the party, the fortress of the perforation, and the tomb dungeon in the countdown time.


The land of the Mayo can be entered using the accumulated performance dungeon, which is an experience dungeon that raises the experience, and can be acquired by the dungeon reward.


The fortress of Chang gong is a fortress of the new tribes during the ancient war.
The fortress is full of nephrons, so it is one of the places where the Cheema Corps is aimed at.

World Boss

If you are a party/individual participation, you can get a party member buff effect.


You can challenge the fantasy of Sigma by climbing the tower with a party.
Breaking through the high layer, you can get rare wing materials.


There are four battlefields in the Postal Siege, and the attack door is occupied after defeating the pillar of the dragon, and the defensive door should defend [Dragon Pillar].
Winning Mun pa can win the winning reward, and personal compensation can be obtained according to the quantity of enemy treatment.

‘Gum gang W’ received two Cuts before the official service and received feedback from users.
‘Gum gang W’, which consists of various contents such as challenging contents that stimulates various dungeons and game desire, and realistic battles, will start the official service on February 14th.

■ Characters that only apply in Korea

Meanwhile, ‘Gum gang W’ will update the three characters that are popular with Koreans in consideration of Korean users.
Jean Woo-chi, Chun-hyang, and Shimcheong are said to be updated at the same time as launching.