Yann Sommers View of the Debate | FC Bayern Munich


Since the dismissal of Toni Analogic, FC Bayern has actually argued whether his relationship with Manuel Neuer might have been too tight.
The coach of deputy Yann Summer at the Swiss nationwide group has now provided his view of the argument and described how the ex-Gladbacher ticks in this regard.
As a young goalkeeper coach, you always had the feeling that I have to be the best buddy of my goalkeeper so that it operates at all. I now have a various attitude, stated Patrick Colette of the AZ.
There are goalkeepers, who require this proximity. But then there are likewise certain goalkeepers, they do not want proximity and do not reveal anything of their private life in training, said the 48-year-old.
Summer season is more of the very first classification.
He himself has a close and individual exchange with the 34-year-old, says Colette.
The very same held true for Manuel Neuer and Toni Analogic.
FC Bayern put the veteran goalkeeper coach out of the door at the end of January.
There are stated to have been distinctions with primary coach Julian Nagelsmann.
In an unforgettable interview with the Deutsche Dating and The Athletic, Never protected itself versus the choice and made major allegations versus the club.

FC Bayern introduces new goalkeeper coach

What is particular is that a lot will alter in training on Sabine Stress.
During the week, FC Bayern presented the new fitness instructor in the individual of Michael Recover.
According to Colette, the first couple of weeks in Munich are crucial for him.
If you come to a club new, you have to learn more about people greatly as quickly as possible. It takes a specific willingness to jeopardize. At the end of the day, I am a service provider as a goalkeeper coach, he alerted.

At the same time, it was necessary for computer systems to develop a relationship of trust with Manuel Neuer: If I would wait as a coach until the goalkeeper is fit once again to have contact with him, you would have to be deadly.
As a goalkeeper coach, exist, show interest and say ‘I’m there for you’.