– PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC Performance Review

As the global test rankings have shown, the open world role-playing game Hogwarts Tradition can totally persuade from the general bundle.
A comprehensive comparison video shows whether Avalanche software did the exact same work in the technical element.
Here the XSX, PS5 and pc version are compared.
5 display modes are available both on the PlayStation 5 and on the Xbox Series X.
The low-performance Series S provides three modes.
The most relevant of this are the resolution mode with 4K/30 FPS and the performance mode with Full HD/60 fps.
VAR (variable refresh rate) can likewise be activated, which leads to a more fluid image.
Ray tracing can likewise be triggered, which results in especially realistic shadows and reflections.
Only the Xbox Series S is excluded.
With some surface areas there is unfortunately an unsightly noise, which holds true on all platforms.
On the PC in specific, the technology is too requiring for the outcome.
PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: If we compare the two consoles together, the rather much shorter packing times are striking on the PS5.


In addition, the shadows in the resolution mode are rather greater.
But the refresh rate in all modes on the Xbox Series X is a little better.

frustrating jerking in the magic school

In all variations, a troubling jerking is noticeable within Hogwarts.
If you move through the different spaces, this is the case.
Often you get stuck in the door up until the room is completely packed.
Up until a patch is released for this issue, only a matter of time need to be.
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Other than for the stuttering, Hogwarts Tradition runs properly on all systems.
Fans of Harry Potter and/or fantastic open-world games can for that reason access it without hesitation.
The magic adventure will be officially readily available from February 10th.
You can discover out on April 4th how the game on the low-performance consoles PS4 and Xbox One X is going on.
The switch release will only take location on July 25th.
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