Miss Germany Sandra Friedrichs on How Video Games Can Help Combat Eating Disorders, Bullying, and More

Sandra Friedrich is currently running for Miss Germany.
She is known on Twitch under the name ANORMALLASTER and plays above all Sims.
In an interview, Sandra tells memo how she processed her eating condition, bullying and rape with video gaming.

She wishes to use Miss Germany to draw attention to the subject of mental health in the gaming.
The post is part of our project Discover Your Next Video Game: Love Edition.


By taking part in the election to Miss Germany, Sandra wishes to move gaming more in the middle of society.
The mix of psychological health and gaming is especially essential to her.
There are two pages for the Twitch streamer:
Gaming can be devastating, and the psychological health is extra
Video gaming can also assist to develop creatively and offer a safe retreat
In an interview with Mango editor-in-chief Day Minkowski, Sandra discussed how she as a teen in Sims intentionally defined her character since she found herself ugly.
What the results of this were on their psyche experienced in the video.
Editor’s note: Sandra has now landed in the top 10 of Miss Germany.
When she was in the top 20, the video was produced at a time.
Mango states congratulations on the top 10!
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