FC Bayern Hunter: Will Stefan Effenberg Lead BVB to Defeat Bayern Munich?

On Saturday, BVB also took the Welder Bremen hurdle and celebrated the fifth success in the 5th Bundesliga video game after the winter break.
Tabular, the Dortmund are back on the Pellet to the everlasting competing FC Bayern, an exciting master race shows.


Ex-international Stefan Ehrenberg is full of praise for Russia.
A few weeks ago there was a tense atmosphere around BVB, after all, the Westphalia had rarely lived up to the high needs in the back series.
Since the turn of the year, nevertheless, the trend in Dortmund has been pointing steeply.
The protégés of coach Edwin Eric have transferred to league leader FC Bayern approximately three points, suddenly everything appears to be possible once again in the title race.
Stefan Ehrenberg is also impressed by the black and yellow growth.
The group works exceptionally strengthened and was great in the year, wrote the 54-year-old in his 1 column.

Ehrenberg: BVB can be dangerous once again FC Bayern

The BVB has more established its video game recently, Ehrenberg emphasized: In the past, it was often more playful and still a cross pass. They no longer offer the phenomenon, but play with reasonably easy methods.
The extremely first line is to collect triumphs.
They likewise play a dirty football throughout. The main point is that they understand and remain on the top. That is what the scenario is now about, stated Ehrenberg.
For the previous Bundesliga expert, goalkeeper Gregor Nobel (presently the very best goalkeeper) and midfielder Jude Bellingham (in exceptional type) are ensured of the Dortmund run.

Thanks to them, the Purport Club can once again become harmful to FC Bayern.
Next weekend, BVB will continue in the league with the house game versus Keller kind Bertha BSC.
Already on Wednesday (9:00 p.m.), FC Chelsea will be a visitor in Signal Idea Park as part of the Champions League round of 16.

They also play a dirty football throughout. The main thing is that they get the points and remain on the top. That is what the scenario is now about, said Ehrenberg.