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2022 Hits Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 Now Available at PS5: Get Them Cheaply at the O2 Shop!

In the O2 store you can now get Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Tourism 7 cheaply in the PS5 version.
The PS-exclusive Open World struck still costs EUR 29.99, for the racing video game you pay EUR 24.99.
There are still rather high shipping costs of EUR 4.99 at the purchase rate, but even this is still consisted of with quite good offers.
In any case, according to comparison platforms, both video games are nowhere else so low-cost.
Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) for EUR 29.99 + shipping
Gran Tourism 7 (PS5) for EUR 24.99 + shipping
Far, the O2 shop does not provide any details on how long the deals still apply.
Perhaps he just desires to get rid of his leftovers from previous tariff bundle.

How excellent is Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is a much better version of the already outstanding predecessor Horizon Absolutely no Dawn in practically every regard.
The Open World has become significantly larger and more diverse and the graphic is likewise a level better, especially naturally in the PS5 variation.
However, Horizon Forbidden West likewise performs better on the gameplay.
The huge variety of opponents ensures more excitement in the battles since we have to adapt our strategies again and once again.
The story is not quite as amazing as in the first part, which is because the tricks of the lost civilization have actually currently been aerated.
Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) for EUR 29.99

What does Gran Tourism 7 deal?

The racing video game Gran Tourism 7 convinced us in the test not least since it again uses a substantial and motivating single player mode, as you know it from previous parts of the series.
However, the fantastic driving physics and the magnificent brand-new weather condition system have likewise caused enthusiasm.
In addition, there is a remarkable scope with 34 routes and over 400 lorries.
However, the hard development system for unlocking new cars and trucks is worthy of some criticism.
After the release, this was even aggravated at times, which is why we had actually consequently devalued.


In the meantime, however, the system has been defused once again, so that we are now awarding a happy 88 points.
Gran Tourism 7 (PS5) for EUR 24.99
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