Mac Jones: NFL Quarterback Committed to BVB & German Fans Ahead of 2023 NFL Games in Germany

The NFL will likewise pertain to Germany in 2023-and for two video games.
The New England Patriots around Mac Jones belong to the party.
Quarterback Mac Jones was now targeted at German fans in a video message.
He confessed to the BVB.
What’s going on, Patriots fans in Germany? Asks Jones in a video published on Twitter.
He just wanted to say to everybody how hot the team is on the game in Germany: We are actually eagerly anticipating the video game, to you and a lot of fun with you.
All football and football fans ought to have noticed another little information in the video.
However by a Bundesliga group because the Patriots Quarterback was not a cap of its team.

The Borussia Dortmund logo was really visible on the 24-year-old’s cap.


It stays to be seen whether he has actually made a lot of new pals.
The Germany games will happen in Frankfurt and once again in Munich this year.
Far from the Ruhr area and BVB.
In addition to the Patriots, Super Bowl participants Kansas City Chiefs likewise come to Germany for the very best quarterback Patrick Mahomes currently.
The respective challengers have not yet been identified.