Raphael Honigstein Interviews Manuel Neuer on FC Bayerns Big Attack Plans

Of course I can’t truly go into information. There is something like a journalistic privacy in these things. I believe everyone knows who understands a bit that something like this does not occur when Manuel new.

The reporter and England expert Raphael Holstein is amazed by the public evaluation of his much discussed interview with the presently injured captain Manuel Neuer from FC Bayern.
He anticipated that that will trigger echo, said Holstein in the Podcast Fever Pit’ ch with a view to his conversation with a brand-new one, which he for the portal The Athletic together with Philipp Selloff from the Deutsche.
Newspaper had led.


He was amazed that it was considered a huge attack versus FC Bayern and those accountable, added Honey stein.
I didn’t have this impression in the conversation..

In his opinion, newer objective was various: Something occurred here, I have not agreed with it, we discussed it internally, obviously, however that’s not enough here, I want to say this once again because I am not doing well at the minute.
And because I don’t like that..
In the conversation, Never had revealed his annoyance with the separation of goalkeeper coach Toni Analogic, one of his closest confidants and friends.
It was an attempt to safeguard his pal, said Holstein.
FC Bayern ended the collaboration with Analogic at the end of January for differences with head coach Julian Nagelsmann.
The last few weeks, from the disappointing preliminary complete of the World Cup, to his lower leg fracture on a personal ski trip to the Analogic discount rate, recently see brand-new ones as chain extremely unfortunate circumstances, explained Holstein.
Without this World Cup with all its problems in the field and next to the field, he does not get back in this state of mind, where he feels that he actually needs to treat himself with any actions that he would not otherwise do..

FC Bayern: Impulse for an interview came from Manuel Neuer.

Without the broken leg, his understanding and I think that numerous tortoni Analogic still see that at FC Bayern, said the reporter.
Honey stein also commented on how the questionable interview came about.
Of course I can’t actually explain. There is something like a journalistic privacy in these things. I think everyone understands who knows a bit that something like this does not happen when Manuel new.
Säbener Straße supervises, says the journalist.
The impulse for the conversation had already presumed the gamer side, Holstein stated, and naturally you are happy when you get this signal.