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How to Build the Perfect Bot Lane with Caitlyn: Second-Most Banned Champion at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship

Don’t get too cocky with this duo, though: Caitlyn and Lux have extremely few disengage abilities– particularly if Lux is throwing Light Bindings at the opponents– and almost no mobility among them, making banks from the enemy jungle extremely unsafe.

Leona is another support that functions similarly to Thresh and also sets extremely well with Caitlyn in League of Legends.


When you both strike level six and get your ultimate capabilities, this bot lane duo becomes even more lethal. As Caitlyn, you can sit back and last-hit creeps while your Lux pokes down your opponents and fishes for the ideal Light Binding.

Another top Caitlyn support pairing, another Mage. We understand, we know. You ADC gamers hate having fun with those pesky Mage supports that take all of your kills and ruin your wave management, however trust us, this combo is one you won’t want to miss.

Furthermore, if your Leona assistance partner has their supreme ability ready, they can drop Solar Flare ® on the target for another 1.75 seconds of CC.

Lux and Caitlyn produce among the most fatal poke bot lanes in League of Legends. The duo is an ideal example of a glass cannon, trading disengage and movement for full-blown power and aggression.

Caitlyn has a huge selection of great assistance pairings that highlight her strengths, but none can synergize rather too with Plovers sniper as the champs we’ve gathered listed below. Here are the finest supports to combine with Caitlyn in League of Legends.

The landing phase of this duo will revolve around waiting for Leona to land their Zenith Blade (E) and then right away placing a Wordle Snap Trap on the target. Leona will then utilize Guard of Daybreak (Q) to stun the target for one 2nd, leading straight into your traps 1.5-second root period.

Aside from this, Thresh supreme ability likewise makes for some terrific disengage or slows to keep your opponents within reach even longer. Additionally, most Thresh players take the Glacial Augment Keystone, which will supply an additional sluggish for a couple of seconds whenever they land a CC capability. However, be mindful that there’s a 25-second cooldown to this result.

You may be starting to see a pattern: similar to Lux and Morgan, some of the best synergies in between the two are their ability to CC opponents for extended periods of time. All Thresh has to do is land a Death Sentence (Q), and in addition to a well-placed Wordle Snap Trap, the challengers will be stuck for rather some time.


This ADC and assistance combination really shines with Morgans Dark Binding (Q) and Caitlyn Wordle Snap Trap (W). With all the poke damage you’ll be dishing out, simply one Dark Binding landed by your support, and a well-timed Wordle Snap Trap will likely result in a kill.

Caitlyn has actually received no modifications (aside from the ADC MANA buffs in patch 13.1 B) considering that her enthusiasts in spot 12.16 that saw her end up being the most contested ADC at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. This, integrated with her high ability ceiling, permitted her to end up being a dominant force in the best hands, making Caitlyn among the finest ADC’s to get for the 2023 League season.

You might believe that you won’t be eliminating any of your challengers during the lane stage since Lulu is made to keep her brings alive and has no tough CC prior to level six, however that isn’t real. Early on, Lulu has shocking quantities of damage with her passive and Glitter lance (Q) capability.

Caitlyn has been one of the most popular ADC’s in League of Legends ever since her release back in 2011. Something about her ability to beat opponents with traps and internet in addition to outraging nearly any other champ discovered in the bot lane has actually made Caitlyn a fan-favorite among the League community. Oh, and she remained in Arcane.

When combined, all of these abilities offer the low-mobility and squishy Marksman Caitlyn everything she requires to remain alive and dish out damage during lane-or team fights.


Lulus ultimate ability, Wild Growth ® will knock up any enemies in a brief radius around the ally It’s used on, and will likewise give them a large piece of benefit health for seven seconds.

Lulus Whimsy (W) ability is a fantastic multipurpose tool that can be utilized on enemies to poly morph them for up to two seconds, or, if utilized on an ally, to give them benefit attack speed and motion speed for as much as four seconds.


Many seem to gravitate toward The Constable of Plover to prevent having to count on their support colleague completely, choosing rather to keep their enemies at bay with ideal kiting and Wordle Snap Trap positioning to 1v2 their bot lane equivalents in design. When combined with the proper assistance, Caitlyn can become one of the most oppressive champs in all of League of Legends

Best supports to match with Caitlyn in League of Legends.

As Caitlyn, you can sit back and last-hit creeps while your Lux pokes down your opponents and fishes for the ideal Light Binding.

Throughout this layering of CC, you’ll undoubtedly wish to pump as much damage into your challenger as possible, using both your Plover Peacemaker ability and 90 Caliber Net (E) to acquire as lots of Headshots as you can.


Morgan and Caitlyn produce a frightening duo in the bot lane when played properly. Combining Caitlyn huge attack variety and Plover Peacemaker (Q) capability in addition to Morgans Tormented Shadow (W) develops an oppressive poke lane for your unfortunate opponents.

The second-most prohibited champion at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship has actually set her Hex tech sights on yet another solid year in the bot lane.

Thresh displacement abilities make this combination is a bit harder to make deal with a random assistance partner. If your support selects to utilize Flay simply as you put down your trap, they might pull or push the enemy out of your Wordle Snap Traps range.

Where this support pairing varies is with Thresh more all-in play style as well as his disengage capabilities with Flay (E), Dark Passage (W), and Package (R). This implies you won’t have an assistance partner to assist you poke down opponents before to engage, but you’ll have a lot more CC throughout the period of the battle. This lane duo is also a bit less vulnerable to banks from the opponent jungle.

The FAE Sorceress herself differs from the previous entries. Regardless of providing no difficult CC– aside from her ultimate abilities short knock-up– Lulu is an amazing support when coupled with Caitlyn, or actually any other ADC in the game; It’s difficult to fail with this enchantress.

Almost all Lulus abilities are catered around keeping your bring alive and offering them with as numerous enthusiasts as possible. The first ability that permits Lulu to keep her colleagues healthy is Assistance, Pix! (E), which offers the targeted ally a shield for 2.5 seconds.

This support option is a bit riskier than Thresh, though: you lose on a great deal of disengage and utility for pure CC, so be careful of banks.


Thresh is a great assistance to nearly any ADC in League of Legends, and this is particularly real with Caitlyn.

The goal with this lane is rather similar to the Morgan support pairing. You’ll wish to poke down your opponents with Plover Peacemaker and Lux’s Lu cent Singularity (E), and as soon as their health bars are low enough, it takes just one Light Binding (Q) from your assistance, and your opponents will be staring at a gray screen.

This obnoxious capability combo will have your enemy stuck in place for anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds depending upon Morgans Dark Binding rank. You can even integrate this with Morgans Soul Shackles ® for an additional 1.5-second root.

Caitlyn has actually been one of the most popular ADC’s in League of Legends ever since her release back in 2011. Something about her ability to beat opponents with traps and webs along with outraging nearly any other champ found in the bot lane has actually made Caitlyn a fan-favorite among the League community. Another leading Caitlyn support pairing, another Mage. You ADC gamers dislike playing with those annoying Mage supports that take all of your eliminates and destroy your wave management, but trust us, this combo is one you won’t desire to miss out on.

Another perk to this duo is Morgans Black Guard (E), which, when timed well, can be the ideal save for a Caitlyn about to be caught in CC; a likely end for the squishy ADC.

If you’ve also selected to take Ignite as one of your Summoner Spells, you’ll have lots of kill pressure in the early phases of the lane. And when Lulu is combined with Caitlyn, an oppressive and long-range ADC, a couple of eliminates are all you’ll need to get that snowball rolling.