Get Your Hands On Magic: The Gathering Phyrexia: All Will Be One Compleat Edition!

Magic: The Event Anorexia: All Will Be One is among the most interesting sets to drop from Wizards of the Coast in a long time, and the Com pleat Edition is the supreme Anorexia bundle, so it stands to factor that fans may have problem getting their hands on it. Fortunately, the Com pleat Edition was available to pre-order at the standard $79.99 cost at the time of writing if you know where to look.

Presently, the Anorexia: All Will Be One MTG Com pleat set is readily available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth (free United States shipping using the code FREESHIP39 at checkout throughout the month of February plus their mint condition assurance for collectors) and here at Walmart with a release date set for early March. The set was unavailable at following merchants, however that might change in the coming days:

  • 1 Com pleat Edition booster-12 Oil Slick Raised Foil cards, with 2 Mythic Rares + 10 Basic Lands (2 of each type).
  • 1 Exclusive Physician Language Traditional Foil Uncommon discount card-Phyrexian Arena.

  • 40 Conventional Foil Land cards that commemorate the splendor of Phyrexia-20 Phyrexianized Lands + 20 Panorama Full-Art Lands.


  • 12 Anorexia: All Will Be One Set Boosters-the the finest MTG boosters to open simply for fun.
  • 1 Com pleat Edition-exclusive foil card box.

Extra information about MTG Anorexia: All Will Be One can be found here. You can also find additional choices to play the video game here on Amazon with a release date of February 10th.

  • See the MTG Anorexia Com pleat set on Amazon
  • See the MTG Anorexia Com pleat set at Finest Buy

The Com pleat bundle includes a booster which contains 12 cards with a special raised foil oil-slick treatment, 12 set boosters, and other goodies that are detailed below.