Get Your Dealer Trees and Trade Your Way to Success!

The trading item in WoW: Dragon Flight is live and attracts with numerous cosmetic rewards.
For these you require the unique currency merchant passers.
On the one hand, this is simply available for existing wow memberships, on the other hand you get back at more about the so-called travel diary.
Strictly speaking, 500 sellers can be opened by various tasks, Raids, Dungeons, PVP & Co. If you have a lot of fun with the festivities of Love, you can nearly get the 500 way to the 500
Additional dealer and the exclusive mounting animal Ash’ Adar, faith at dawn.
We clarified what you need to provide for it.

WOW: Jobs for Love lies in the air in the travel diary

In the travel journal (available by clicking by Shift+ J in the video game) you will find tasks at the Festival and Events tab, which revolves around Love in the air.
You have time to do it until February 20, 2023.
The conclusion of all tasks for the celebration brings you a total of 750 points progress (out of a maximum of 1000) in the travel diary Oneidas are directly 300 car dealerships:
Love depends on the air: Total sweet attack (150 points) – The day-to-day mission needs that you spray ten people with perfume.


  • Love depends on the air: kills pharmacists Hummel (150 points) \ single in the queue for the joyful dungeon and after that slain the boss.
  • Love depends on the air: turned over a pretty great luck-loving (150 points) – made use of by opponents 10 fortunate appeals and after that turns them into a bangle.
    Give it to a group leader on the crowd or alliance side.
  • Love depends on the air: Usage Q. Pie dos Dagestan on the dragon islands (150 points) – Q.
    Dido’s heart’s resting stone is available for 150 characters of love from the NPC lovely seller.
  • Love depends on the air: organizes a picnic for enthusiasts on the levels of On’ aura (150 points) – Hear you for 10 characters of love the toy picnic basket for lovers from the NPC irritating seller and after that triggers this in the beautiful dragon flight location.

In our guide to Love depends on the air you will discover how these activities work exactly.
You can complete the rest of the travel diary through some basic tasks.
Are you currently ended up with your jobs in February?
What activities can you recommend getting the essential points?
What do you encourage?
And above all: What rewards do you get for the dealership that has been developed?
Write us in the remarks!
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