Coupling Your PS4 or Xbox One Controller To An Apple Arcade Device: A Step-By-Step Guide

Thanks to Apple’s newest software update, iOS owners can now pair their Bluetooth controllers to their gadgets.

The newest Dapple Mobile software application upgrade, iOS 13, includes Apple Arcade with mobile devices.
Apple Game guarantees to take much better game experience with iPhone and Apple devices, enabling users to choose in between numerous handpicked titles, independent and recognized companies.
First reported by Destruction with Introduction Dapple Game, Dies users can now pair their devices to Bluetooth controllers.
For the moment, it only deals with the PS4 Dual shock system and the Xbox One controller.
For the Xbox One, users need the remote control of the Xbox One S model.
How to couple your controller to your gadget:
The procedure needs to appear familiar to anyone who has actually currently associated a Bluetooth gadget.
Whether it is your Apple Watch, your Fitbit or Apple Pencil, it is virtually the exact same configuration.
1. Update your device to iOS 13 under Settings.
Go to general and upgrade your device.


  1. After the upgrade, go to Settings and Bluetooth.
  2. For PS4 Dual shock controllers, keep sharing and the reading button (the logo) pushed until the light starts to flash.
    For Xbox One controllers, turn it on and push the synchronization button.
  3. The controller must appear on your phone under the Bluetooth devices.
    Select it to pair it on your phone.
    Congratulations, you are now configured to use your controllers on your iOS devices.