New World Update 1.8.2 Brings Leaderboards, Fixes, and Balance Tweaks Live Tomorrow

Leaderboards are the center of this update. In the spot are fixes for certain quests, a couple of movement exploits removed, and some balance modifications and one planned to make PVP fairer.

Leaderboards are the center of this update. There will be a number of primary categories and over 50 subcategories under those. Maybe you’re more of a Eve player, and you’ll find the Eve Leaderboards to be the ideal place to set a goal and goal for it. Maybe add on some Trade skills boards in your sights. For the Papers, there are, obviously, PvP-related boards. Whatever under Faction War, consisting of Territory control and War are there to set your sights on. Obviously, if you like a little of both, then the best variety is open for you, with those 50+ subcategories possible.

Tomorrow, New World upgrade 1.8.2 will include Leaderboards, bringing the long-awaited feature into the live game after PTR screening. The update will also repair some problems, and make some balance modifications, including ones focused on the economy.

The team also acknowledges that it took much longer than they had actually intended to bring the function into live, however now that its lastly coming tomorrow, this will set up New World for even more content to come.

They will have their own benefit tracks and for making it to the top of weekly or quarterly boards you’ll have the ability to claim rewards like skins and titles. Two boards will require repairs when the upgrade goes live.


In the patch are repairs for particular missions, a couple of motion exploits eliminated, and some balance modifications and one meant to make PVP fairer. This modification means that the charge for leaving in development Arenas and Station Rush matches has actually been re-enabled. Throughout Brimstone Sands, 28 sarcophagi are being gotten rid of to address economic effect.

Leaderboards are practically here. If you have actually somehow been concealing somewhere far away from Sternum for a while, maybe you haven’t heard the groups’ description of the process of including Leaderboards and how they will work. The group likewise acknowledges that it took a lot longer than they had actually intended to bring the function into live, today that its finally coming tomorrow, this will establish New World for a lot more content to come.

You can check out the complete notes, including repairs, weapon tweaks, more details about Leaderboards, and more at New World.