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38,390 Points!

LeBron james did it: The superstar of Los Angeles lakers has pushed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from first place in the eternal scorer list.
After almost 39 years there is a new leader in the eternal NBA scorer list: LeBron James has overtaken Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, after 38 points in the 130:13 home defeat of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Oklahoma City Thunder about his
Career scored 38,390 points and thus three points more than Abdul-Jabbar.


James managed the milestone at the end of the third quarter through a converted Faraway.
The game was then interrupted for around ten minutes, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the previous record holder Abdul-Jabbar honored James on the floor.
In the presence of someone to be as unique and a legend like Kareem, I fill me with humility.

Please applause for the captain, said James, who was given the ball from Abdul-Jabbar as a symbol for the change on the top scorer throne.