Explore Grana And Fairy Attic House In The Newly Opened Camasilvia West Of Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) opened a new area of the West of the Black Desert Mobile Camazilvia on the 7th.

The western part of the Kamasilvia consists of hunting grounds such as the capital grand, the forests of the forests of the tooth, the teeth fairy attic, the poly forest Run hut, the poly forest Winnie hut, and the fields of Diana Ross.


Users can meet various hunting grounds, including poly forests with dangerous poisoned mushrooms.
50,000 combat power is required for smooth hunting in the western part of Camazilbia.

The event will be held to predict a new being in the Black Desert Mobile until February 14.
Users can get the shape items of the sand snake during enemy kills in hunting grounds such as Allan, Modem, Design, and Ocean for a week.
It can be exchanged for the items ▲ tangled time ▲ totem box ▲ [event] [Abyss] relic boxes.

In addition to in-game events, community events are also held.
By February 14, the Black Desert Mobile Official Forum is an event that creates speculation and expectation of new beings.
If you leave a comment on the event bulletin board, you will receive a 2023 black desert mobile calendar with a black desert character sticker and 12,000 black pearl coupons.

For more information on the Black Desert Mobile Update and Events, please visit the official forum.