Refining The Art Of Exploration: Players Debate The Best Examples Of Open World Level Design

Home Games News The players debate the best examples of open world level design
Refining the art of exploration.
Players have been discussing the concept of design of open world levels, pointing out examples of games that present particularly strong worlds in terms of location of enemies, riddles and several other elements.


While the debate continues, some games have emerged clearly among the best.
The news comes from a recent publication.
Lately I have been thinking a lot about Enfilade Chronicles X, said the original poster, Decks.
I think the most notable achievement of the game is the design of absolutely masterful levels of the open world.

Decks continued to say that perhaps the most impressive aspect of Enfilade Chronicle X design is the Sell, which unlocks about 30 hours after the game.
This recontextualizes the design of levels allowing you to reach completely new areas with improved skills of jump and transformation.
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