How Riot Games Failed To Address Sexism After Valorant Streamer Yinsus Protest

It is an unpleasant reality, but in 2023 hostility to ladies in the video gaming scene is still a regularity.
Ginsu ‘Ginsu’ Collins now needed to experience this.
On Friday, the Content Creator in ended up being a Valorant objective of sexist statements, which she became part of in a video.
In this it can be heard, for example, how a male equivalent calls for a go back to the kitchen.

Band for the victim?

Of course, Collins did not wish to leave this disposal and reported the insulting gamers with Valorant developer Riot Games.
2 days later there was an undesirable surprise for ‘Ginsu’.
She saw herself exposed to interaction constraints in the video game and was therefore no longer able to compete in competitive matches.
In other words: it was banned.
I began my video game after I have actually knocked sexist and poisonous people, which happened, she commented in a tweet with the screenshot of the restriction notification on Twitter and asked in the instructions of Riot Games: Is there any method to understand me, understand me
To let why I got a spell, but not individuals who picked me up?
What followed was a protest on social media, over 134,000 views has the video with the insults up until now.

Riot Games announces an examination

The spell over Collins does not appear to have actually been totally unjustified.
I admit that I was in my desire to safeguard myself, aggressive, she admitted, but criticized the penalties that had not been overlooked up until then: I accept my three-day spell for my defense, however we could
Please apply the same energy when it pertains to individuals who actively provoke women in the video game?
It is still open whether Riot Games satisfied this demand and punished the appropriate gamers.


We reported the players you fulfilled the other day. I’ll look at why that occurred to you, announced Anna London, head of the development team.
It is clear, nevertheless, that ‘Ginsu’s Band continues to exist.
She confirmed this on Monday afternoon under her original post.