Max Verstappen and EA Sports Team Up To Revolutionize F1 Racing In 2023

Max Verstappen will be heavily on the EA Sports projects during 2023.

EA Sports has done a major deal with Verstappen, who has captured two F1 World Championships.
The driver is widely seen in the EA Sports titles as a result of the contract, and the company logo adorns Verstappen’s helmet as a result of a sponsor diet.
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Verstappen himself is a co-operation pattern in his hustle and bustle, says EA Sports that EA Sports has always been a big part of his life.
Kalahari is also known as an active player, for example, when they go on virtual racing tracks.
Code masters, owned by Electronic Arts, is also making games with an official F1 license until at least 2025.
The previous part F1 22 was published in June of the year.