Get Ready To Race: The Crew Motorfest Is Coming This Year!

Ubisoft revealed today that the crew franchise will go into a brand-new period with its next part: The Crew Motor fest.
The game will be readily available in 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One as well as Windows PC via the Ubisoft Store and Legendary Games Store.
A very first teaser can be seen here:
A Behind The Wheel Designer Video can be seen here:
Welcome to the engine test!
At this distinct festival, players can have the best experiences that the Vehicle Culture world needs to use.
Motor fest makes racing dreams become a reality through a variety of custom-made races, thematic events and other unique challenges-there is something for every single taste.
The Crew Motor fest has actually settled on among the most vibrant and breathtaking places in the earth: on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian archipelago.

This is the best playground where players can bring their lorries together: they race through the streets of Honolulu, through the ashes covered with ashes, steering through the rich jungle, wandering on the winding mountain roads or simply relaxing on the bright beach.
Alone or with your team you can explore the whole island behind the wheel of hundreds of the most famous automobiles.


That’s simply the beginning!
The players can anticipate additional information about the whole motor test program in the coming months.