Will The Last of Us Part III Ever See the Light of Day? Naughty Dog Weighs In

With the colossal success of the HBO series, The last of us, the naughty dog franchise is featured.
Thanks to the launch of weekly production, sales of the game’s first work fired and players seem ready to (re) plunged into Joel and Ellie’s adventures.
But while The last of us Part 2 has been around for almost three years, fans of Naughty Dog production are wondering if there will be a third part.
According to Neil Luckmann, creator of the games, this will depend on several factors.

eathtaking narrative

Naughty Dog dominates the narration perfectly.
The plots are well worked out and allow you to attach to the main protagonists.

Their story was able to move and impact.
In an interview with BuzzFeed, Neil Luckmann says: There will be a third work if the studio teams can write a plot as exciting as the previous games.
The main theme would remain love because in a world destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, this is all that remains for Ellie.


Pressure to produce more?

Subsequently, the creator of the legendary franchise explains that he is well aware of the pressure to ‘produce more’ present in the game industry.
When a production works, the public or editors sometimes press certain developers to provide a new work.
The problem is that this atmosphere can make the work not as good as the previous ones.
Neil Luckmann admits to being very lucky to work with Sony because he doesn’t feel pressure.
If Naughty Dog never produces The last of us Part 3, its editor will not blame them.
For now, it is impossible to say if there will be a third part of The last of us.
The company’s teams are already busy working on their autoplayer autonomous project, which should be revealed this year.
This production will present a new story, as well as new characters.