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SWTOR: Darth Sidious Made Easy, A Comprehensive Build Guide For Recreating The Sith Lord

A lot of the personalization choices are bundled together too, so you can’t have things like a wrinkly face and cleft chin at the very same time.

The Clerk Unique Lightsaber is the level 55 free tier reward in Galactic Season 3 and Altars Exquisite Lightsaber was a Galactic Season 1 reward that is presently sold by Kit That, the Nathan Galactic Seasons– Seasonal Rewards’ supplier for 3 Galactic Seasons Tokens. It is uncertain what long-term availability will appear like for these items, but both are readily available at the time of publishing.

Don’t get your hopes up too expensive for a perfect match on this 1. Story character developer struggles to produce older folks because the lead character is implied to be younger.

Keep in mind: This develops is not optimal for endgame content and need to just be used when playing alone or role-playing with friends. It is beginner-friendly and does not need you to be at level cap to play it.

Clothing and Weapon.

Darth Serious is an old male with bleaching blonde hair that’s been drawn back, pale blue eyes, a cleft chin, and a wrinkly face.

There is no perfect match for Palatines lightsaber. Altars Exquisite Lightsaber matches the total color plan of his lightsaber much better, while the Clerk Special Lightsaber has a more accurate silhouette and kind element.

This is done throughout the development procedure if you are creating a brand-new character. You can utilize the Look Design Tool on the Fleet to alter the look of an existing character, but this will cost you Cartel Coins each time you do it.

Physical Appearance

Sex: Male
Species: Human being
Physique: 2
Head: 10 (or 11).
Scars: 1.
Skin: 37 (or 14).
Eye Color: 1.
Beards: 1.
Hair: 24.
Hair Color: 14.
Skin Color: 6.

Here are the physical appearance specifications I recommend using for Darth Serious as he appeared when taking on against Savage Press and Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars before the attempt on his life at the end of Episode 3 (there will be a various develop guide for Emperor Palatine after the occasions in Episode 3 coming soon).

I advise an attire that uses Kraal Robes as the base and a set of either the Clerk Special or Altars Exquisite Lightsabers. All the armor pieces are Cartel Market products, however at the time of publishing are not up for sale and can be bought from the GTN or straight from another gamer. The color is readily available on the Cartel Market too though.


It’s approximately you which one you believe looks more accurate (or is readily available today). Here’s a shot of Palatines lightsaber from Episode 3:.

When standing still, these bathrobes also easily conceal his lightsabers!

With all these rewards to Saber Ward, you’ll be able to glide around the battleground simply as The Emperor had the ability to easily avert numerous lightsaber swings from the Zebra siblings.

Opened at level 60.
Furious Strike is one of the most powerful and costly lightsaber swings in the video game. You’re actually putting your complete weight into this attack and I think it’s the one that’s most emblematic of the type of swings that Serious utilizes against Maul and Savage. Furious Strike also makes your next Raging Burst offer more damage and makes you more likely to evade attacks for a brief time.

To learn more on tailoring, have a look at my guide on Which Mods to Buy from Hyde and Week. For a Darth Hideous develop, I recommend tailoring as a DPS, which implies you’ll wish to focus on increasing statistics that boost damage output like Accuracy, Critical, and Alacrity.

Force Choke.

Story, Battle Style, and Gearing Options.

Courageous Victor.


Combat Styles, Disciplines, and Capability Tree Choices.

Seething Defense might stand apart as an odd choice, however I think it fits pretty well considering he entirely rejected a spike headbutt from Savage, the very same move that spelled completion for Jedi Master ADI Gallic on Forum.

These are attacks that deal damage to one or more enemies. Normally, they can not be used at the very same time as one another. Some of them cost Rage, which is the Marauders class resource and the majority of them have short cooldowns that avoid them from being spammed.


Grit Teeth.

This section will concentrate on essential options you’ll need to make in order to wind up with a play style and story that fits Darth Serious character.

Obtainable at level 68.
Force Choke operates as a stun against a single target instead of a deadly capability, though It’s still quite strong because capability since you can get in a couple of attacks while your opponent cant do anything however gasp for air. Force Choke is a bit better than other stuns too because it approves 3 Rage. Sadly, there isn’t a method to Force Choke 2 opponents at the exact same time as Serious does to the unlucky Mandalorian securing the throne room.

Sweeping Slash.

Unlocked at level 1.
Strike is your most standard lightsaber swing. It deals a percentage of damage to a single enemy and has no cooldown. In lieu of dealing more damage, it produces 2 Rage instead of costing any, so you are constantly able to utilize it presuming you’re in range.

Because battle, he made use of the lightsaber form called Jackie, which is not offered in the video game. He also frequently used Force Push, which is not accessible to any double saber-wielding disciplines.

Raging Burst.

Unlocked at level 15.
Raging Burst blasts a gargantuan quantity of raw Force energy into the target. The animation is rather similar to that of a push, simply with the Force energy going into the enemy rather than sending them flying backward. Raging Burst is gets buffed in some way by a number of your other attacks, leading to a mega-powerful hit that’s enough to complete off many enemies entirely by itself. After dealing damage with Raging Burst, you’ll deal a bit more damage with all of your attacks for several seconds.

Saber Ward.

Unlocked at level 35.
Obliterate causes you to jump to your target with the power of the Force as you slam your lightsabers into their body as a macabre brace for effect. This capability also makes your next Raging Burst automatically critically hit.

Damaging Attack.

Key Abilities.

Nimble Master makes it, so Saber Ward also enormously increases your movement speed.


Unlocked at level 47.
As the name suggests, Force Crush triggers you to use the Force to crush your challenger, dealing a bit of damage over time and slowing them to a crawl until they can barely move and collapse. Force Crush also makes your next Raging Burst offer more damage and expense no Rage.

Construct Basics:.
Unrelenting Rage.
Seething Defense.
Furious Power.
Force Choke.

Origin Story.

Brave Victor makes your melee attacks deal more damage for a brief period of time after spending Rage, your class resource, on a melee attack.

This specific Fury develop emphasizes empowering private hits as much as possible to make Palatines attacks feel as weighty as they looked in his battle against Maul and Savage. I’ve also included a few capabilities that he either uses outright or will make it feel more like your playing as Darth Hideous with a number of lightsabers.

Darth Hideous was the Sith Master throughout his time. His understanding of the Force was unrivaled. The Sith Inquisitor is the way to go as their story delves deep into the secrets of the Force and ascending the ranks of the Sith hierarchy.

Saber Ward Thanks to the Grit Teeth tactical, you’ll have the ability to utilize it a lot regularly, and the Nimble Master legendary implant boosts your motion speed by an enormous amount while its active. You’ll also have partial immunity to controlling effects for part of the duration and heal a bit each time you get assaulted for the complete period thanks to the Blood Ward buff you’re taking.

That stated, I think the Fury discipline still matches his fighting style pretty well. It does utilize Shii-Cho Form rather of Jackie, but features ruthless lightsaber swings that look rather similar to how he battles along with frustrating Force attacks that look like the Force Presses he utilizes so often. Instead of knocking the challenger back, these attacks funnel the Force into their body, so they take a shipload of damage.

All of these abilities can be triggered at the very same time as other attacks and use some sort of temporary increase to your survivability. Their cooldowns are substantially longer than that of most attacks.

Available at level 43.
Furious Power enhances the damage dealt by your next lightsaber swing significantly. It’s best to use it right prior to activating Furious Strike since that’s your strongest lightsaber attack.

Serious is unbelievably experienced in lightsaber battle and has actually secured numerous challengers while using either 1 or 2 blades. Considering that the attire is based on his fight versus Maul and Savage, I suggest Marauder because that is the only dark side discipline that wields 2 lightsabers.

Defensive Talents.

Furious Strike.

Unlocked at level 7.
Battering Attack doesn’t deal a great deal of damage by itself, however grants a tremendous 6 Rage, enough to fill half your bar, and makes the victim take a bit more damage from all your other lightsaber swings for quite a while.

Vicious Slash.

Offensive Talents.

Nimble Master.

Legendary Implants and Tactical Item.

Darth Serious always appears incredibly aggressive when battling with his lightsabers, so I recommend using the optimum DPS legendary implants for Fury Marauder and a tactical item that lets you concentrate more damage into a single hit. You gain access to legendary implants at level 80 and tactical items at level 75.

Unlocked at level 27.
Predation is basically a weaker variation of Saber Ward thanks to all the buffs were offering to that capability. It still increases your motion speed substantially, grants immunity to impacts that hinder your movement, and somewhat increases your chance to evade or deflect weapon attacks, however does not take in any damage from non-weapon attacks. That said, it has a substantially shorter cooldown than Saber Ward, and generally, the functionalities of each capability are more distinct.

Opened at level 1.
This is a fundamental lightsaber swing that deals moderate damage to a single enemy and has no cooldown, but costs 2 Rage per activation. It is weaker than the attacks I’ve discussed currently, but if you will probably have Rage to extra, this is an excellent choice to utilize while you’re awaiting a stronger attack to end up being offered.

Furious Power.

Opened at level 15.
Saber Ward increases your possibility to completely deflect and/or evade weapon attacks including things like lightsaber swings and blaster shots. And lets your lightsaber block a few of the damage from non-weapon attacks like Force abilities and non-blaster innovation like dynamites.

Grit Teeth minimizes the cooldown on Saber Ward whenever you take damage, allowing you to use it a lot more frequently.

Opened at level 10.
Cyclone Slash is incredibly comparable to Slash. The only differences are that it can strike several targets, however does not deal rather as much damage as Slash, so only utilize it rather of Slash if you can strike multiple opponents.

Force Crush.

In this section, I’ll be going over particular Fury Marauder abilities that match Darth Serious fighting style, including lightsaber swings, Force attacks, and defensive maneuvers. To be clear, this is not a total list of all Fury Marauder capabilities, I am only shining a spotlight on specific attacks that carefully match his dual lightsaber abilities.

If you haven’t done so currently, I encourage you to take a look at what to do for Palatines other battle style, Sith Sorcerer!

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This concludes the Darth Serious Build Guide. If you have suggestions for tweaks or small variations in look or other capabilities that might fit well, or if you have a favorite character you’d like to get a construct for, leave a remark.

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It does utilize Shii-Cho Form instead of Jackie, but features brutal lightsaber swings that look rather similar to how he combats along with overwhelming Force attacks that look like the Force Presses he utilizes so frequently. Furious Strike is one of the most effective and costly lightsaber swings in the video game. Furious Power increases the damage dealt by your next lightsaber swing substantially. It’s finest to use it right prior to activating Furious Strike since that’s your strongest lightsaber attack. Strike is your most standard lightsaber swing.

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