Wow: Otto, the secret riding gutter is found – a new mount. WoWs Secret Finding Community found Otto,

Are you a World of Warcraft fan who’s been looking for the rarest and unique mounts? Look no further! WoW,’s Secret Finding Community has discovered something extraordinary – a secret riding gutter – and now it’s available to all players. We have a full guide on how to get Otto, so if you’re willing to put in two to three hours, then you can learn how to ride him for yourself!

WoW,’s Secret Finding Neighborhood, like the secret hunters of other online video games, is steadily searching for the secrets and mysteries that the WoW makers hide in online role-playing.
And she discovered what she was trying to find again!
This time you have found one of WoW: Dragon Flight’s last secret mounts, particularly Otto, the riding rain gutter.
Do you want to include the four-legged buddy with glasses and leg precious jewelry to your collection?
You will find out from the Otto Guide listed below, which we translated from Towhead for you, what you have to do for it.
Spoiler: Especially those amongst you who like to fish will get their cash’s worth!
Taking all steps for Otto takes about 2 to 3 hours.
By the way, individuals from WoW (Buy now) recommend that you buy the Harping from ISARA from the Tusk arr from ISARA and that you have also reached dragon island fishing level 25.

the toy water plans

In order to reveal the very first part of the secret at all, you need the toy water schemes with which you place on black diving sunglasses when used.
The toy is guaranteed to leave of the flawless flunk bag bag, which is offered by the Great Flunk, a huge toad in a cave at the collaborates 82/72 on the levels of Oh’ aura.
However, the big flunk want to have a gold coin on the islands.
The big fail exchanges coins with you and the toys of the toy water schemes: Rubbed
How do you get a gold coin of the islands?
She drops her or looted her from Os chis, and there is the Harping of ISARA.
Because the Os chis are the fastest method to get coins.
15 copper coins of the islands can be exchanged for a silver coin of the islands.
You exchange 5 silver coins for a gold coin.
In general, if you are not really, really happy and a gold coin fish out of the water, you need 75 copper coins to ultimately get a gold coin.
You can also exchange all the coins on the big fail.

dancing until you fall over

If you have gotten the water scheme, the next action is to the coast of awakening, specifically to the west to the collaborates 20/37 north of the obsidian castle and the subsidiary throne on the little headland that protrudes into the water.
There is the blubber bath underwater and a dance mat can be discovered in this place.
Do not look after water breathing, you will not drown.
Underwater you can see the blubber bad port you can likewise breathe underwater.
Used water schemes.
If you then stand on the dance mat, get the buff Dance, dance till you are dead and begin dancing automatically.
Run down again and back on the mat if you do not get the enthusiast.
As quickly as the enthusiast runs, after five minutes, your character faints and wakes up on the hissing grotto near Vanilla again bases on a barrel.
Plunder it and you get the empty fish barrel.
You utilize the dance mat after you have triggered water plans.

food for Otto

Now it’s time to fishing, since you have to fill the barrel with fish.
You will need to get something around and of course have to prove a little persistence.
You need the following fish:
100 x icy plaice – This fish drops fairly typically and can be fished in the open waters of ISARA in the azu-blue mountains.
Use the barrel.
You will not find any of the subsequent fish if you do not do that.
Half of the floe fills the barrel.
25 x disaster carp – As currently reveals the name, it might be somewhat unpleasant.
You will find the carp in the lava around the obsidian castle.
You do not require the lava of the Tusk arr from ISARA!
The carp overloads the barrel.
1 x Königsfinne, the smart mustache – ICR currently suspects: the catfish is unusual.
You fish the fish with luck from the waters at the Academy of Age’Thar in Thaldraszus.
There is a small investor there where you have your peace.
Well Plus Fischer offers you an overflowing barrel full of fish.
It is stated that professional devices with understanding can assist you to fish the rarer fish faster.


Otto, the riding voters

If you have actually filled the barrel, go back to the coast of awakening, where you woke up after your dance marathon: to the hissing grotto.
Put the barrel where you found it, and then Otto will reveal and treat.
He offers you the small mission The Method to the Heart of an Otto, for which you get Otto for the benefit.

Otto is a flooring and water mount, and if you use water plans and then climb up on your back, you can look forward to Otto’s sunglasses.
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