65: Trailer for the Scifi. Adam Driver plays a stranded spaceship pilot on an apparently foreign planet in the Scifi Action

Have you ever became aware of the SCIFI action thriller 65?
You should remember the name!
The theatrical release is on March 9, 2023 and just a new trailer was launched that reveals the uncommon premise of the movie.
It is about the spaceship pilot Mills (played by Adam Chauffeur), whose ship, with 35 passengers on board, strands on an apparently unidentified world during an apparently unidentified planet, in whose forests prowling unsafe monsters.
Prior to he broke up to explore the new world, he sends a message to the ether: Send assistance.
Here is the trailer:
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OMG Dino’s!

Assuming that you saw the trailer: Are you looking forward to Mills’ experience?
Since his ship is not broken someplace, however apparently on earth, however not at a time when his modern equipment brings him a lot.
Instead, with the survivor Goa, he has to cope the plants and fauna of the earth, as they were universal 65 million years back, that is, he needs to reveal a few starving dinosaurs whether guy is made to survive in their time.

In 65, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods directed, who likewise composed the script, and are understood for the thriller series A Peaceful Place.
In the role of the pilot mill, you can see Adam Driver, whom the majority of you will refer to as Kylo Ren from Star Wars.
In view of the reality that only three other stars are noted in addition to Driver (Ariana Greenblatt as Goa, Chloe Coleman in a role not named and Nina King as Alma), you will probably not only expect a lot of Adam motorists, however also a great deal of Dino action so
a minimum of it is to be assumed.
You can convince yourself of this in the spring of next year.
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Susanne Braun