Nintendo Promises To Launch Next Amiibos, Of Vol. 2 Of Super Smh Bros. Ultimate

The next two Nintendo amino inspired by Super Smh Bros. Ultimate of Nintendo Switch to reach the market already have date.
Thus, both the Final Fanty VII Shapiro Amino and Kahuna de Tekken, will be available on January 13, 2023. Nintendo h announced through a publication in which we can observe both figures from all angles.
In addition, it is confirmed that the next two amino of the collection, that is, those of Pyre and Mithra of Enfilade Chronicles, will arrive on the market later, at some point in 2023, even without a specific date.


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Thus, little by little the reproductions in the form of amino of the different characters of Super Smh Bros. Ultimate are completed, more specifically, those of Fighters Ps Vol. 2 with the next arrival of Sephiroth, Kahuna, Pyre and Mithra;
Only Sort’s amino will be missing, for now, without news.
For now, we must settle for the imminent launch of Sephiroth and Kahuna, for sale in individual format.
Those who will arrive in indivisible pack format will be those of Pyre and Mithra, at let in Japan;
It h not yet been confirmed whether in Europe they will arrive individually or also in the form of pack.
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