Smilegate SeaH will be held 24-hour donation concert

Smile gate Entertainment (CEO Song Jewish) is the first Virtual creator in Korea, SE: A, to hold a donation concert for 24-hour relay to add strength to the place that makes the world more beautiful for the year-end and New Year holidays.

Sea will start broadcasting from 12 pm on the 17th, and will hold a live donation concert on YouTube and Twitch Channel ‘Sea Story’ for 24 hours until 12 pm on the 18th.
Through this donation concert, Sea will share the donation experiences with viewers for the year, broadcast various contents that fans loved, and introduce ‘Employee Entertainment Variety’.

Specifically, it will be held in a total of three parts, and the first part will release four songs and music videos of Sea MK02 and MK03 through the Sea Concert Hall.
In addition, the busking performance will be invited by inviting virtual creators such as Sea as a guest.
In the second part, the game will be played with the guests.
It will cover the gamers of ‘Dun (real name Gang Hymn)’, which is famous for not being able to play the game, and in the third part, ‘Workplace Entertainment Variety’ will be introduced to feel the teamwork of Sea and Sea Story crew.

The donation concert is also scheduled to celebrate the luxury guest, with the know-how of the 24-hour live donation concert, which has been held twice.
Congratulations performances were scheduled for various genres such as pop songs, trot, DJing, and piano performances.


In addition, various prizes such as T-shirts, game coupons, and chicken gift icons will be paid through viewers’ participation.

In addition, the donation concert participated in the support of Smile gate Stove, Indie Game Platform Stove Indie, and Plant Cell Premium Negative Cosmetics Company La Free.
The donations raised through this donation concert will be used for the vulnerable groups such as the ‘Hope Robotics’ and Smile gate Hope Studio.

Smile gate AI Center Director Hanwoojin Center said, We will gather the will of Sea Story viewers and Smile gate Group affiliates through this donation concert live broadcast.
If you do it, it will be a significant year-end.

Meanwhile, Sea is the first Virtual creator born in 2018 and meets viewers four times a week through a YouTube channel and Twitch channel called ‘Sea Story’.