The Best Sacred Seven Characters Cards In Genshin Impact TCG

In addition to the news of characters and missions, the 3.3 version of Genshin Impact ought the long-awaited collectible card mode, the sacred call of the seven.

With rumors since September, the system reached the game on December 6 and presented the competitiveness awaited by the community.


In Trading Card Games (TCG), users explore the best strategies to combine the ideas cards that result in synergies, reactions and combos to lead to the path of victory.
There are different types of letters, including characters, which have dominated the community’s attention since launch.
Check out the best letters of the goal below:

Tier S

Tier A

Tier B

There are other character cards, and some are powerful individually.
Tier List is merely indicative, and it is valid to opt for other combinations that have already worked in previous matches.
Above all, it is important to remember that synergies prevail.