The Elder Scrolls Online

December Asmodee Releases Include The Senior Citizen Scrolls Skyrim, Marvel Crisis Protocol X.


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Release Date: 12/9/22

MUH106001 The Senior Citizen Scrolls: Skyrim Adventure Parlor Game $139.99 Modifies Entertainment
MUH106002 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Experience Parlor Game Miniatures Upgrade Set $109.99 Modifies Entertainment
MUH106004 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Adventure Board Video game Dawn guard growth $79.99 Modifies Home entertainment
MUH106005 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Experience Parlor Game From the Ashes’ growth $79.99 Modifies Entertainment
MUH106009 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Experience Parlor Game 5-8 Player expansion $39.99 Modifies Home entertainment
CP139EN Marvel: Crisis Procedure Uncanny X-Men Association Load $59.99 Atomic Mass Games
CP140EN Marvel: Crisis Procedure Brotherhood of Mutants Affiliation Load $64.99 Atomic Mass Games
CP82EN Marvel Crisis Procedure: The Blob and Pro $39.99 Atomic Mass Games
CPE03EN Marvel: Crisis Procedure Rivals Panels Weapon X Program $99.99 Atomic Mass Games
GETS Bites $39.99
GREEKS Auto Sumo $39.99
GME-KBX Auto Sumo: Pest All Stars Growth $19.99
GREG Mountain Goats $19.99
GET On Trip: U.S.A. & Europe $39.99
GENRE HE $39.99

Release Date: 12/16/22

NAMUS01 Naming $44.99 Fun Forge
NAM-AQUA US01 Naming Aquamarine $24.99 Enjoyable Forge
PAN202203 The Wolves $49.95 Alxasaurus Games
MYST05 Mysterious Children $34.99 Libelous
SWZ95EN Star Wars: X-Wing second Ed Siege of Coruscate Battle Pack $24.99 Atomic Mass Games
SIF815 IF: Marathon Heroes 3 $34.99 CON
SIF820 IF: Marathon Heroes 4 $34.99 CON
WD0422 Wheels Vs. Doors $19.99 Format Games
KA0322 Karen $24.99 Format Games
AS0322 ANAGRAMS $24.99 Format Games
BG0222 BACKWARD GAME $24.99 Format Games
LDNV440001 Air Mail $50.00 Ludo nova
PFN-NSFW-6 Poetry for Neanderthals: NSFW $19.99 Exploding Kittens
SCOPAQ01 Rattrap Quest $31.99 Space Cow
SCOPPM01 A Fistful of Daisies $24.99 Area Cow
WMBT-CORE-4 Hand to Hand Wombat $25.99 Exploding Kittens
DSS7316 The Couples Game… That’s Actually Enjoyable $19.99 Drunk, Stoned, Stupid
DSS7330 You Lie, You Drink $15.99 Drunk, Stoned, Stupid
DWF0102 Beverages with Frenemies Original Edition $29.99 Be Games
CPT101 Captain Sonar $54.99 Margot
LG01EN The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow $12.99 Zygotic
LG02EN The Werewolves of Millers Hollow: New Moon $12.99 Zygotic
LG03EN The Werewolves of Millers Hollow: Characters $12.99 Zygotic
LG05EN The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow: Finest Of $19.99 Zygotic
LG06EN Werewolves of Millers Hollow: Town $12.99 Zygotic
CGE00031 Code names $24.95 Czech Games 12/2/22
CGE00036 Code names: Pictures $24.95 Czech Games
CGE00040 Code names: Duet $24.95 Czech Games
CGE00059 Lost Ruins of Area $59.95 Czech Games
CGE00061 Galaxy Trucker second Edition $39.95 Czech Games
CGE00063 Lost Ruins of Area: Exploration Leaders $29.95 Czech Games
FFP0701-R Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients Modified Core Set $119.95 Flying Frog
FFP0702-R Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death Modified Core Set $119.95 Flying Frog
FFP07DE01 Shadows of Brimstone: Masters of deep space Deluxe Enemy Load $39.95 Flying Frog
FFP07E08 Shadows of Brimstone: Custodians of Taiga with Taiga Pylons $19.95 Flying Frog

GEESE Sequoia $19.99 Alxasaurus Games
PAN202202 Splitter $14.95 Alxasaurus Games
PAN202208 Orichalicum $49.95 Alxasaurus Games
PAN202206 The Loop: The Fur Brigade $19.95 Alxasaurus Games
PAN202207 Sober: 2 Players Treasure of the Pharaoh $14.95 Alxasaurus Games
G60034 Premium Card Stands Set 4x Acrylic $9.99 Telegenic
GGS60064ML Life Counters Double Dials Swamp $9.99 Telegenic
GGS60066ML Life Counters Double Dials Mountain $9.99 Telegenic
GGS60068ML Life Counters Double Dials Plains $9.99 Telegenic
GGS60069ML Life Counters Double Dials Color Gradient $9.99 Telegenic
GGS60073ML Funk Pop Case $19.99 Telegenic
GGS40034ML Twilight Imperium Video Game Mat 25th Anniversary Edition $44.99 Telegenic
PHD2221 Poly hero Rogue d20 Lock and Choose Set $15.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2222 Polymer Rogue d20 Lock and Choose Set Cold Iron $15.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2306 Polymer Cleric 8 Dice Set Celestial Ivory $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2307 Polymer Cleric 8 Dice Set Spirited Steel $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2308 Polymer Cleric 8 Dice Set Disgusting Violet $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2309 Polymer Cleric 8 Dice Set Verdant Meridian $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2310 Polymer Cleric 8 Dice Set Sun storm $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2311 Polymer Cleric 8 Dice Set Radiant Rose $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2312 Polymer Warrior 8 Dice Set Stalwart Storm $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2313 Polymer Warrior Dice Set Steel Grey $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2315 Polymer Warrior 8 Dice Set Wraith Knight $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2316 Polymer Warrior 8 Dice Set Ghost Knight $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2317 Polymer Warrior 8 Dice Set Imperial Bronze $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2319 Polymer Rogue 8 Dice Set Midnight Blue $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2321 Polymer Rogue 8 Dice Set Emerald Emissary $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2323 Polymer Rogue 8 Dice Set Nightshade $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2324 Polymer Wizard 8 Dice Set Dragon fire $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2327 Poly hero Wizard 8 Dice Set Ether Mist $35.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2328 Polymer Wizard 8 Dice Set Wizard stone $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2330 Polymer Cleric 8d4 Bless Dice in Healing Heart $35.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2331 Polymer Cleric 5d4 Hallowed Hand Grenades Merciful Gold $15.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2332 Polymer Warrior 6d6 Swords Steel $15.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2333 Polymer Warrior 2d20 Spiked Balls Steel Grey $15.00 Tabletop Tycoon
PHD2334 Polymer Rogue 3d20 Gems $15.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2338 Polymer Wizard d20 Wizard Hat and d2 Spell book in Ether MIS $15.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2339 Polymer Wizard d20 Wizard Hat and d2 Spell book in Wizard stone $15.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2342 Polymer Wizard 5d6 Fireballs Dragon fire $15.00 Tabletop Magnate
PHD2343 Polymer Rogue Burglars Package $15.00 Tabletop Tycoon
AC104 Terraforming Mars: Edge of Disaster $16.95 Aconite Books
AC111 Marvel: Xavier Institute Sound of Light $16.95 Aconite Books
AC112 Legend of the Five Rings: the Heart of Juchitán $16.95 Aconite Books
AC113 Golden Imperium: Destiny Beyond $16.95 Aconite Books

Release Date: 12/2/22

Model has rather a couple of video games in the pipeline throughout this month, and while numerous have actually currently hit shops over the very first 2 weeks, December will also offer much-anticipated video games like The Senior Scrolls: Skyrim Adventure Board Game and Star Wars: Legion’s Boba Fett (Daimyo) Operative Growth over the next week or 2. There are likewise brand-new releases from Telegenic, Alxasaurus, Aconite Books, and CGE, and you can discover all the big titles striking stores this month from Model below.

LUPRE01EN Precognition $79.99 Donate
SWL100EN Star Wars: Legion Crashed X-Wing Surface $99.99 Atomic Mass Games
SWL104EN Star Wars: Legion Boba Fett Operative Expansion $21.99 Atomic Mass Games
ESSWA02EN Star Wars Age of Disobedience: Core Rule book $64.99 Edge
ESSWE02EN Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Core Rule book $64.99 Edge
ESSWF02EN Star Wars Force and Destiny: Core Rule book $64.99 Edge
CHX26863 Gemini 12 mm d6 Blue-Blue/light blue Luminary Dice Block (36 dice) $13.98 Chessex
CHX26864 Gemini12mm d6 Gel Green-Pink/blue Luminary Dice Block (36 dice) $13.98 Chessex
CHX26865 Gemini 12 mm d6 Pearl Turquoise-White/blue Luminary Dice Block (36 dice) $13.98 Chessex
CHX26866 Gemini 16 mm d6 Clear Green-Teal/yellow Dice Block (36 dice) $13.98 Chessex
CHX26867 Gemini 16 mm d6 Translucent Red-Violet/gold Dice Block (36 dice) $13.98 Chessex
CHX26868 Gemini 16 mm d6 Clear Red-Yellow/gold Dice Block (36 dice) $13.98 Chessex

G10128 Closable Inner Sleeves $4.99 Telegenic
GGS60085ML Booster Dispenser $90.00 Telegenic
GX1001 Just Sleeves Soft Sleeves $0.99 Telegenic
GX1002 Simply Sleeves Inner Sleeves $1.79 Telegenic
GX1005 Simply Sleeves Standard Card Game Red $2.49 Telegenic
GX1006 Simply Sleeves Standard Card Game Green $2.49 Telegenic
GX1007 Simply Sleeves Standard Card Video Game White $2.49 Telegenic
GX1008 Just Sleeves Requirement Card Game Blue $2.49 Telegenic
GX1009 Just Sleeves Standard Card Video Game Yellow $2.49 Telegenic
GX1011 Simply Sleeves Japanese Size Clear $2.49 Telegenic
GX1012 Just Sleeves Japanese Size Black $2.49 Telegenic
GX1013 Simply Sleeves Japanese Size Red $2.49 Telegenic
GX1014 Simply Sleeves Japanese Size Green $2.49 Telegenic
GX1015 Simply Sleeves Japanese Size White $2.49 Telegenic
GX1016 Just Sleeves Japanese Size Blue $2.49 Telegenic
GX1017 Simply Sleeves Japanese Size Yellow $2.49 Telegenic
GX1018 Just Sleeves Japanese Size Purple $2.49 Telegenic
GX1019 Just Sleeves Japanese Size Pink $2.49 Telegenic