Great penalties for Halle, Saarbrücken, Oldenburg and Duisburg

As the DFB announced on Friday, the sports court has enforced a penalty of 16,950 euros on the Halleschen FC due to the fact that of three cases of unsportsmanlike behavior of its advocates, of which approximately 5650 euros can be invested in security or violence prevention procedures.


In this way, events in the league video game versus Eager beaver Dresden were punished on August sixth.
Behind the inlet control, HFC trailers had actually gotten rid of an iron rod from a bracket of the gate to the guest block and thrown them over the barrier towards the eager beaver fans.
In the game, pyrotechnic items were also lit in the HFC block and objects were tossed towards players.

The 1. FC Saarbrücken was likewise sanctioned since of the burning of pyrotechnic items.
The FCS was enforced on a penalty of 6650 euros, of which 2200 euros can be invested in corresponding countermeasures.
The advocates of the Salamanders burned an overall of 19 Bengali an torches on November 9 during the game versus CFB Oldenburg.
The Olden burgers, in turn, also received a fine for pro offenses for the fans when playing against When Wiesbaden on October 17th.
According to the DFB, a minimum of six Bengal torches and a smoke body were burned down by CFB fans-2450 euros.
The slightest fine of the quartet suffered the MSV Duisburg.
The zebras need to just pay 350 euros because a spectator had sparked a smoke body on September 11 in the added time of the video game against Eager beaver Dresden.
All four clubs have already accepted the judgments, so they are legally binding.