World Cup 2022 Riots in Brussels to Belgiums personal bankruptcy against Morocco

The authorities asked the population to prevent certain parts of the city. Some train stations and streets were blocked to prevent crowds.

According to police, a couple of dozen people ravaged on Sunday afternoon around the 0: 2 (0: 0) of the red devil in Qatar parts of the town hall and assaulted the security forces.

Even prior to the game was started, the violent culprits were said to have actually been looking for confrontation with the law enforcement officers that public security was threatened. A journalist was injured by a firework on the face, then the authorities used water cannons and tear gas.

In addition to pyrotechnics, some perpetrators, some of which were armed with sticks, used throwing floors. Others set fire to a street and destroyed a traffic control. A total of around 100 civil servants were released.

The Belgian nationwide team around the ex-Bundesliga star Kevin de Bruyne threatens the initial round after the unexpected defeat. The allegedly the strongest opponent is waiting with Vice World Champion Croatia on Thursday.

After the bitter World Cup personal bankruptcy of the Belgian national group against Morocco, violent clashes took place in the capital Brussels.


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