Vampire survivors: how to unlock the yellow sign

Like most games, there are secrets that are worth taking into account and Vampire Survivors is no exception, since it presents a secret menu that houses unlockable secret bonus characters, as well as the use of additional spells. The first way is after obtaining the prohibited scrolls of Morgan. However, as that is more advanced in the final vampire game Survivors, there is a more direct way to obtain it a little earlier, but it implies unlocking the yellow sign. But what exactly is the yellow sign? And how did you get it?

What exactly is the yellow sign in Vampire Survivors? Answered

But before going to that, did you know that the yellow sign is a tribute to the King of Yellow, which is said to be the inspiration of the writings of HP Lovecraft, like the necronomicon? Reference is also made to a lot in the first season of TRUE HBO detective.

Regardless, the yellow sign in itself is a relic of spells in Vampire Survivors, which unlocks new elements hidden at all stages. This then acts as an incentive for players to visit the previous levels again since several particular key passive elements are in these places; including the silver ring, the gold ring and the left and right metal. Finally, these articles are necessary to evolve certain weapons in the inventory of a player to his most powerful final form. Unlocking the yellow sign, on the other hand, is a bit more multifaceted.

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How to unlock the yellow sign in Vampire Survivors

  • Unlock the Hyper mode in four of the levels/maps

There are several steps that must be completed to reach the prohibited holy map, which is where the yellow sign relic mentioned first is located. But, to unlock the area within the area (called Moon glow), players must unlock the main early stages; Crazy Forest, Library with Incrustations, Malay Plant and Tore Gallo. After completing each level initially and defeating the head sensitive at the time of 25 minutes for each stage, the players will unlock the hyper mode. Assuming that Hyper mode unlocks for the four stages, Moon glow will wait for his arrival.

  • Explore lunar glow

Once your character has reached the underwater world of Moon glow, you will want to play as a non-secret character. After successfully completing a regular race (which is probably the most crazy fun of the entire game, which in turn will also give you a lot of resources), the stage will become a reddish tone and a new boss will appear. Defeat the boss, and you will be transported to your final place, the prohibited saint.

  • Enter the sacred mountain and claim the yellow sign!

Now that he has reached the sacred mountain, players must reach a destination far away to the right. Open on the way through the level while crossing any enemy who dares to cross your path. However, eventually, this will reach a critical point, and players can find a cross that will then be used to destroy all enemies on the screen. Huzzah, the yellow sign is yours to take it!

And that’s all he wrote. With a little luck, now you know how to get the yellow sign and understand what it is. Hopefully, you are on the way to reaching that coveted 100%ending milestone, although it could probably be argued that no one has ever ended in a Rogue lite game. Anyway, be sure to visit our guide that covers the unlocking of all the secret characters (especially because it correlates in some way with this guide), as well as this practice table that shows the evolutions of wild weapons of vampire survivor.


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