R2M, new fields, items including items updates

Wezen adds content such as new fields to mobile MMORPG ‘R2M’.

Wezen will apply various contents updates such as the new field ‘Meters’ and the new item ‘Weapon In craft Incorporation’ through the regular inspection of ‘R2M’ today (November 24).

First, anyone who is a ‘R2M’ game member can enter ‘Meters’. Every Saturday, the new boss monster ‘Meters Blood Knight’ will be randomly out of 5 pm and 12 pm. When killing the monster, you can obtain high-end game items such as ‘+0 Greathearted’s Sword’ and ‘Legendary Armor’s Legendary Armor’.

Wezen also shows ‘weapon engraving agents’ that can obtain additional stats. It is a buff item that can increase the impression of the existing weapon according to the weapon rating and the stats, and the production requires ‘blessed equipment engraving’ and ‘mote of horsepower’.

In addition, for the ‘R2M’ high-level members, the Hero-grade skill reinforcement stages were expanded from three to five stages, and the legendary skills were raised. In addition to the subquest ‘Chris’s Letter’ and ‘Dark Priests Escape’, it has increased the opportunity to acquire items.

Wezen also improved the convenience of the integrated guild. Changes such as the guild entry and the waiting time after the end of this game will be applied to the next integrated guild.


Meanwhile, Wezen prepared a variety of ‘Winter events’ to commemorate the update. From November 24th to December 8th, the cumulative item ‘Sweet Potato [Event]’ and ‘Attendance Event’ will be held to pay various rewards.

In addition, if you complete certain missions such as ’30 daily missions’ and ’30 successful items’ production’ through ‘Mission Event’ in the event period, ‘Sealed Soul Stone’, etc. Event] ” ‘provides’ reward.

For more information about the new update of Wezen ‘R2M’, please visit the official event guide homepage.