WhatsApp is preparing a new update: Companion

After the update is before the update. There were a number of innovations for WhatsApp users recently and a new feature is already being planned.

Dortmund-WhatsApp tries to satisfy its users with every update so that they continue to use the green messenger. After all, the competition is big. Another new update has not yet been officially announced-but initial tests for a new function are already running.


WhatsApp works on a new update-beta tests are already running

The Meta subsidiary recently published the feature of being able to leave a group secretly. And a new profile image function on WhatsApp only came this year. But that’s not all, the developers behind the Messenger are already working on the next innovations for the chat experience.

Some selected users may have noticed that they now have the opportunity to share their account. The beta test with some users is already running, which suggests that it can not take long until it is published. The Wabtainfo portal first reported on it.

WhatsApp account Share soon-Companion mode similar to in the browser

Most users should already know the new function, which is also called Companion mode. Because for some time now it has been possible to log in parallel to the smartphone in the browser with tablets and PCs on WhatsApp. Now it should soon be possible to use the messenger with two smartphones at the same time.

This makes it possible to activate your account on a second smartphone without being deregistered on the other smartphone from the messenger. Of course, it would also be possible to share an account with another person.

Add more smartphone to a WhatsApp account is possible

If you want to register on another smartphone in the future, you will probably already know the procedure. After all, it hardly differs from registration in the browser (more digital news at ).

The telephone number is not required when setting up on another device. According to the Inside digital, however, one should select Connect a device in the settings. The second smartphone is then activated by the main device with a QR code.

New WhatsApp update could come in a few weeks

Then all chats and groups are synchronized on the new smartph1. From now on it is possible to chat with both smartphones.

So far, only a few beta users who have installed the latest beta version of WhatsApp on their Android smartphone have had the opportunity to use the feature. Wabtainfo assumes that it can only take a few weeks before the update is rolled out to all users.

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