Pokemon Promotion Starts Task Mew


Pokémon Journeys has officially topped off Ash Ketchup’s 25-year long course to becoming a full Pokémon champion and Master, but the series is teasing that Go will have an opportunity at doing the exact same with the trailer for the next episode starting Project Mew! The anime may have finished up Ash’s rise through the ranks of the World Crowning Series with its newest episode airing overseas, however before he ended up battling Leon in the grand finals, Go was called away as the Project Mew team had actually kicked off their first mission. Now we’ll get to see how it ended up.

Occurring while Ash had actually been fighting versus Leon in the current string of episodes of Pokémon Journeys airing in Japan, Go his heading to a far away island in order to discover Mew as the Task Mew team has actually begun their grand mission. Go had actually been preparing yourself for the mission and experimented with prior to Ash entered the Masters Tournament, so it appears like we’ll finally get to see whether Go has the same luck in making his own dream come to life. Inspect out the discount below:

What Occurs in Pokémon Journeys Episode 133?

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Episode 133 of Pokémon Journeys is entitled Task Mew, and the episode is teased as such, At the exact same time as Ash’s Masters Competition Finals, Go his heading to ‘The End of the World’ to look for Mew. Go, Gary, Horace, Anika, and Quill on arrived at the island however lost contact with Teacher Amaranth in the laboratory and their Poke balls have actually likewise quit working. In a desperate pinch, what will be the fate of Go and his friends as they continue their look for Mew?

With the future of the newest model of the anime now unpredictable as a brand-new generation of the game series is set to launch this week, it will not be too much longer until we get to see whether Go can be just as lucky as Ash. What do you think Go’s chances are of actually capturing Mew?