FIFA 23s most overpowered mechanic NERFED in Title Update # 4.

We’re having a look at the most substantial change that arrived in Title Update # 4 and how it will affect the FIFA 23 gameplay moving forward.

Another Title Update has actually struck FIFA 23 in and among the 2022 Qatar World Cup madness that is currently continuous in Ultimate Group.

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Title Update # 4 brings us lots of gameplay modifications, bug repairs and menu modifications in Ultimate Group, Profession Mode, Pro Clubs and VOLTA.

One adjustment sticks out above the rest, however, with EA nerfing the most overpowered mechanic in the entire game today.

Travel shots nerfed

The eye-catching alteration from FIFA 23’s Title Update # 4 is the adjustment to the effectiveness of the beyond the foot, or ‘Travel’ shot.

The following changes have actually been made to this strategy in Title Update # 4:

The reduction in the effectiveness of the Travel shot will come as a welcome change for lots of FUT fanatics.

Players had become familiar with yielding outrageous long-range outside-the-foot shots that would never be scored in real life, which can be extremely frustrating.

Nevertheless, it appears the Travel shot is not lost completely in FIFA 23, with particular gamers still able to perform the extremely overpowered strategy.

  • Decreased precision of exterior of the foot shots by approximately 30%.
  • Players with the Outdoors The Foot Shot Trait are likewise affected by this modification, however just by up to 10%.

EA has made it more tough to score with the outside-the-foot shot technique.

This makes a great deal of sense, given that the Travel shot is among the hardest techniques to perfect in football, with the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and João Cancel masters of the art.

Meta still intact

Instead, aim to find somebody on the edge of the box with a strong foot that matches the traditional finesse shot with the within the foot.

There are 2 methods of guaranteeing your Travel shot will be as accurate and powerful as it can potentially remain in FIFA 23.

The finesse shot is as, if not more, reliable at discovering the far post leading corner with a curling effort following the Title Update # 4 modifications.

Secondly, if you can deal your timed finishing your long shot will be substantially better, with the Green-Timed finish showing practically impossible to stop without your opponent manually moving the goalkeeper’.

First, you’ll wish to discover gamers with the outside-the-foot shot quality, which has now ended up being one of the most crucial qualities in the video game as these gamers’ Travel shots have actually just been affected by 10% instead of 30%.


You should not try to score the outrageous long-range Travel objectives that were formerly possible if your selected gamer does not possess the outside-the-foot shot trait.

Regardless of the Travel shot being nerfed, it is still among the most efficient methods of scoring from outside the box.