Football World Cup fan representative anticipates less TV

When people are cold in December, it is idle whether they switch on Netflix or the World Cup, added Minded. He himself will not look a minute and more than happy about everyone who holds it the same way, but I would discover it wrong to keep individuals a moral sermon because they watch the games.


I think we will observe a difference to past competitions, said Minded in an interview with the news portal T-Online: But in the end it is not so important either. Personal customer choices altered practically nothing to the complaints.

Fan agent Dario Minded from the association Our curve anticipates fewer football fans to pursue the controversial World Cup in Qatar on TV.

Good reasons for World Cup engagement in Qatar

With all concerns there are great reasons that speak for our World Cup engagement in Qatar, wrote ARD program director Christine Strobe and IDF editor-in-chief Bettina Chasten in a foreword to the joint reporting of her channels and named Amongst other things, the enhancement of vital conditions on spotlight. Arnie But zen, head of Magenta, likewise sees the ideal way in the critical argument.

The broadcasting broadcaster ARD and IDF and Magenta TV have all revealed that even throughout the competition from November 20th to December 18 In addition to the bad working conditions for foreign employees and the burden on the world climate, qatar is likewise slammed because of the discrimination versus homosexuals.