LOL: Riot wants to find the new Faker with changes in Clash focused on the competitive

With a world champion already proclaimed and the end of the League of Legends International Competitive Circuit in 2022, Riot Games wants to receive 2023 in the best way. We already know Riot’s attachment to relate more and more casual games to competitive games, gradually focusing on different ways so that less attached players to LOL feel like eSports players, such as Clash.

A few days ago, journalist Travis Afford had the pleasure of chatting with John Needham , current president of eSports at Riot Games, on various aspects related to the League of Legends competitive circuit, such as the long-awaited key to losers In the World Cup and the narratives the community itself creates in relation to some players. But this time we will move away from the competitive itself, because we want to highlight Needham’s comments about the changes that Riot intends to make for Clash .

a much more focused confrontation in eSports

For the most lost, Clash is a mode created by Riot itself in which any player can form a team with his friends or acquaintances and play a competitive key against other teams of the same level. The rewards obtained depend on the position that teams achieve are usually sentry skins, coats of arms, and even champions skins for the winners.

That said and coming back to the words Needham left about the adjustments that will come to Clash for next season: In Valorant we added a Premier mode to add a new way of discovering talent in our ecosystem and talked about how we could do it on Lol something similar to Clash, comments Riot’s eSports president.

Obviously, these words do nothing as well, but if the maximum boss lets it escape this in an interview, they intend to integrate it as soon as possible. The idea would be that these tournaments could work in the form of selective in which candidates to close a contract with a specific team can face each other in a much more effective way. At the same time, Promote classifications for small amateur tournaments With these special confrontations also helps find great jewelry with the desire to make history in League of Legends.

With all this on the table, just remember Faker’s origin story, which played exclusively normal matches and was found by scouts for their ranked performance. This happens to this day, with names that appear at the top of the challenger gaining prominence, and other initiatives such as the Inhales and Academy himself are talent cribs, but to have a specialized competitive route where aspiring competitive ones can be Highlighting certainly would not hurt.