Kakao Games

Aka Games announced on the 11th that it was selected as a ‘2022 leisure-friendly certification’ organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The Film Father’s Certification System is a system that supports companies that support leisure time, costs, programs, and facilities so that workers can harmonize their work and leisure life. Certification is valid for three years from the selection date.

Aka Games has operated an advanced leisure system and program to help employees maintain their work and leisure balance and lead to high satisfaction under the vision of the world where everyday life is a game.

Aka Games is the first in the industry to introduce the ‘Nagged’ system in July 2018, encouraging employees to dinner and relaxed culture, and has been expanding and operating every other week since April 2021, reflecting high satisfaction. There is also a work system for creating a relaxed commute culture, such as 30 minutes late on Monday, early on Friday, early leave work, and lunchtime (1 hour and 30 minutes).

In addition, the company also operates welfare such as camping cars and camping trailers, free recreational facilities and resort memberships, and ‘Awesome EU’ to enjoy recreation. In particular, ‘Awesome EU’, which provides a resort opportunity for EU Island, offers free accommodation of the company’s villa, Hills, and has gained great response by providing an additional 1.5-day annual to employees who use the program.


In addition, the company is creating an atmosphere where the company can recharge through the company’s health support program, such as ‘Healthy’, ‘SIDA Room’, which provides sports massage, and expert psychological counseling.

An official of Aka Games said, We operate a variety of programs that are based on the perception that encouraging employees’ high quality leisure life is the way to increase work and satisfaction with the company and grow together. We will continue to play the role of a happy company that protects employees’ Arrival (Work and Life Balance).