Battlefield 2042 will become a free game for limited time

_ Battlefield 2042 had a disastrous launch, one from which it could never be recovered. Even today, more people are playing battlefield 1 and battlefield v, instead of the new installment in the series. To solve this, EA has revealed that battlefield 2042 will be free for much of December.


Through a statement, EA has revealed that they plan to turn into battlefield 2042 in a free game temporarily Throughout next December, this to show the public that the updates have worked, and experience Today it works perfectly.

All Xbox players can enjoy battlefield 2042 free of charge between December 1 and 4. For their part, Steam users will access at no cost between December 1 and 5. Finally, in PlayStation you can enjoy this delivery between December 16 and 23. Along with this, it has been confirmed that Battlefield 2042_ will be part of Game Pass from the third season , although at the moment it is unknown exactly when this will happen.

In related issues, Battlefield will have a campaign again. Similarly, EA sees the current uncertainty with Call of Duty as an opportunity for your FPS series.

Editor’s note:

Considering that December is no longer such a month loaded with releases, this is the perfect time for players to give this delivery a chance. Maybe EA’s effort has paid off, and the game is currently worth it, we just have to wait and see how the community reacts.

Via: EA