Fans want David Bautista as Marcus Fenix

Gears of War will have a movie, that’s a fact. However, there are still several questions that you need an answer, mainly, which actors will be involved in this project. Although at the moment there is no official information, fans already have David Bautista in the sights to play Marcus Felix .

Moments after the announcement of Netflix a couple of days ago, the Subnet of Gears of War was filled with fan art, discussions and requests for Bautista to take the leading role in the movie Live Action of the series. Although some still have doubts about this, others have pointed out that it is a matter of time before it is confirmed that the ex-professional professional is involved in this project.

Recall that Bassist already has history with Gears of War. A long time ago, The Coalition and the actor worked together to offer a skin inspired by the excluder in the gears 5 multiplayer. Along with this, last year it was announced that Bautista let a role in the fast and furious series to propose his own Gears of War movie.

Although everything could indicate that David Bautista will play Marcus Felix in this film, At the moment we have no information from Netflix . In related issues, you can learn about this project here.

Editor’s note:

Of all the former people who are now professional actors, David Bautista is the one who has demonstrated a better rank of action. While most of its papers are of action, there are a couple of drama roles in its catalog, so it is better trained than the rock or John Cena.